You guys are going to think I'm nuts!

  1. OK, I have never hand-washed ANY of my scarves, I dry-clean them, with a VERY particular dry-cleaning firm. I do this VERY infrequently, to preserve the scarf and the environment! (We have a huge hole above our beautiful country in the ozone layer!)...

    Anyway, I decided I would try this hand-washing thing....and the scarf I chose was my newly received "Japonaise" scarf! I know, I know...of all the scarves I own, and I experiment on what is most likely the most collectible AND the most expensive in the collection....but I digress.

    The previous owner had ironed the hems flat, and there was a very small make-up mark....I hand washed using a special silk wash, in very cool water - lo and behold, the mark disappeard!

    I have ironed it with a HOT steam iron, just now (everything fine) and re-rolled the hems plump. As fleurs told us in a previous thread, re-rolling the hems is a labour of love, and very time consuming, but SO worth it! The scarf looks even more fabulous than when I received it this morning, smells fresh, and ha re-vamped hems!

    For all you girls with accidental flat-hems, I recoimmend this...even if you just wet the hems in cold water (I used filtered for the whole process) and roll, then let dry - FABULOUS!

    Just wanted to share my experience for the scarfies here!
  2. Thank you so much for sharing this tidbit. I admit that I am reluctant to buy used pieces because of the flat hem issue. Good to know one can revamp them!!!!
  3. Thanks, K. That's v. good to know. I am also paranoid about sending my scarves to a particular cleaner. Can't believe you chose THAT scarf to test it on, though. :sweatdrop:
  4. can you show us a before and after?
  5. Dang ... GF, that's what I called dedication!!! And girl, you are brave~~ I think I'd be too scared to try it.

    oh oh, and I want pictures! I have no idea what this style of scarf looks like.
  6. can you please provide the brand name of your special silk wash? thank you.
  7. Could you clarify what you mean by rolling the scarf after you launder? In a towel? On a towel?
  8. Whoa GF! Almost had a heart attack when you said you washed your Japonaise scarf! That's fantastic that it turned out even better than before.
  9. Welcome to the circle of handwashers, girl!

    I know exactly how you felt, it takes some guts to take the plunge... but these scarves are very sturdy and handwash A-OK! The only precaution I take is to put one of those colour-absorbing sheets into the basin with them.

  10. Don't know about that product. Is that good for anything? Who makes it?

  11. Yes pls elaborate and show, GF!! I am ignorant and want to know what you mean by rolling the hems so they aren't flat!!! Pics of your new beauty are also appreciated!!! TIA
  12. ^Spill the beans, GF ... what's the brand of silkwash you used to wash that baby? ;)
  13. OK -will answer all questions in a sec...just feeding the baby!!
  14. ^ HEY, listen woman, get your priorites straightened out. The kid can eat anytime! Distract her with a scarf, if she spits up on it, you can wash it! Answer the questions!!!:noggin:
  15. :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao: