You guys are going to have me!

  1. Well. You remember my horror when I discovered that some pink had transferred from the top of my Heritage Stripe tote onto the handles? And then I flipped out and worried myself almost sick that Coach wouldn't do anything about it. Then the lovely ladies at Coach DID do something....they let me exchange for something else. So I got the large sig stripe black/black white new shoulder tote on Saturday.

    I never fell out of love with my pink tote and really didn't love the new guess what I went and got back today??????? Yep! A brand spanking new PINK Heritage Stripe tote and gave them back the Sig Stripe one.

    My Coach store is AMAZING! They are so nice! Even when I am a nutbag. LOL!

    So there....I have PINK HAPPINESS back in my life again!!!!! Hopefully that color transfer was a fluke. :yes:
  2. Well I'm glad you did the exchange. In the past I've regretted exchanging something, and wound up keeping the new bag and still lusting after the old one!!! I've learned my lesson doing that! Good for you, and I'm sure you and your Heritage tote will be very happy together. Maybe do what someone here said and spray some Scotchguard on the straps if you think that'll help in case of color transfer. Im pretty sure Ill do that when I finally break out mine w/the chocolate stripe just to try to keep the straps a little clean for a little longer. You can go rejoin the Heritage Lover club now!!!
  3. Best of luck with this one ...
  4. I don't think you are a nutcase at all! In fact you sound just like me! I could tell you loved that pink bag. ;)I think you did the right thing! I still have a brand new sig strip tote with tags still attached on the shelf in my closet b/c I still have decided about it. I'm just not sure which tells me I should probably just exchange it for something else.
  5. I'm glad you got what you really wanted. I'd give the scotch guard a try. Enjoy.
  6. I hope you have better luck with this one!
  7. Where can I buy Scotchguard? :smile:
  8. I have seen it grocery stores, if you can't find it in Walmar, Target ,etc
  9. Thanks! I'll grab some tomorrow!
  10. Good luck with this one! Congrats!
  11. Wow that was really nice of them.. today I went into COACH, and I was telling the SA that I had a wallet, that is pink with suede, and it was dirty and she to bring it and she if she could fix, or send it out, she also cleaned my purse.
    I was so happy.
  12. Aww!!!! I'm so glad!!! I had a feeling you loved that bag! I'm glad you got another one! Where did you find another Large? I'd love a large one!
  13. LOL - that is too funny. We all know what you mean. You can feel it when it is "love". Sometimes it is just a "like" and it makes sense to bring it back. I sure hope this one works out better than the first. Spray that sucker down when you get the scotch guard. :smile:
  14. :roflmfao:
  15. Oh, mine is the medium....I returned the large sig shoulder bag that I had replaced my medium tote with but got back....sheesh! now I'm even!