You Guys Are Going To Die... Better Read This!!!

    I just spoke with my SA and COACH.COM and you now the new HERITAGE LILY XL ZIP SATCHEL that was posted in red on here before... WELL, it comes in Pink and Khaki and it is soooooooooooooo mine. I do LOVE the tote but I really love the satchel and thought it wasnt being made in Pink but that is not the case. If you call oach they only tell you 3 colors but when I told her that my SA told me that it will come in all colors then said... OH the stores will be getting colors that we dont have listed. YIPEE I am so excited because this was my FAV style but I had to have PINK.
    I am on the waiting list to be called soon as they arrive and boy will I be counting every day. I am going to go ahead and order the wristlet and skinny right now. TA TA, LOL :smile:
  2. I don't remember the picture of this bag.....can someone post it? I am a pink nut too.
  3. Funny you brought this up! When I talked to my SA today to exchange my medium to a large tote, she tried to talk me into the satchel. She said she thought it was more my style. But , she said it only comes in white, brown and geranium , so I told her NO, I wanted something pink!
  4. That's so awesome!!! Thanks for letting everyone know!!!:yahoo:
  5. I want to add that this pic is from a tPF Coach gal who was nice enough to post the catalog pics for those of us that didn't have a catalog. Sorry I don't remember off hand who had posted the picture. Just want to give her the credit!
    I hope this is the bag you are talking about!
  6. what's the price on that?

  7. WELL, I just spoke to 3 different SA all in differnet stores and they said it says Blue, Pink, Green, etc and they put me on the calling list. When I called Coach they did say ONLY 3 colors until I told them what the stores had told me then it was a different story.
    OH I wish it was out right now because I am so all over this bag. Good Luck to us all :yahoo:
  8. That's odd, I was told white, brown, geranium! :confused1::confused1:
  9. Sweet! I was so proud of myself for holding off PCE this time around! I had planned on getting the XL Satchel in red but was so wanting a pink bag! It will be mine that's for sure! Thanks for the news! I'll call my fav SA tomorrow!!
  10. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! Why do they always do this to me????? Well, thanks for posting. There ya go, tanukiki....maybe this bag will work better for ya.
  11. The funny thing is that I loved this bag from the little pic until I saw it wasn't really pink. Then I turned to the tote and that's gone so well :shocked::wacko::noggin::dots:
  12. Aww...well you've had to wait so long for your tote, seeing as though there were so many problems. You've made it this far, maybe wait until Feb and get the Satchel.

  13. Awwww ..... :flowers::flowers:

  14. YES, this is the one and I just spoke to a SA in Las Vagas and she has me on the call list and said she even watched the video(didnt know they had to do that) and even seen it for herself that it is in Khaki and Pink but is not sure when it will be available but that as soon as JAX as it in or it hits the store then I would be called. I do love the tote but boy am I glad that I didnt order because this bag is IT!!!
    If any one has any questions for me I will be glad to answer to the best of my knowledge
  15. wow, i would love to get a pink and green in this bag....