You guys are BAD influence... here's my damier speedy!

  1. After seeing all your drool worthy damier speedy last night, I was :love::cry:!! I must see what the hype is all about with the damier speedy so went back to SCP today. Big mistake! :Push: I took a look at the lining and omg... love the RED lining... TDF!! I must have it right then and there especially when I heard the 1st shipments were all made in France and that their future shipments might come from the US factory. So here it is girls: my very first speedy! :yahoo:


    And since I was there, I also picked up my mono pap 30 and mono wallet (for mom) that I got a few days ago that are now heat-stamped ready. I love how they heat-stamped my name on the strap of the mono pap. :love: It was my SA's brilliant idea. She also threw in a catalogue for me. I love Val!!

    IMG_0418.JPG IMG_0416.JPG
    IMG_0411.JPG IMG_0415.JPG

    Then ran to Macys to check out their Coach sale and :Push::


    So here's my loot for the day: :shame: IMG_0421.JPG

    I need serious help... :shocked:
  2. The family:


    The papillon sisters: :love:


    I think I'm done for the year!!! :shocked:
  3. Great haul! Love the heat stamping! You done good girl!
  4. OMG! I love your collection! TDF!
  5. Thank you. :shame::amuse:
  6. i really love everything you picked up!!! especially in love with your damier speedy and papillon!!!
  7. Wow! Now that's what I call a successful shopping day!

    Congrats on the new purchases, and welcome to the damier speedy club ;)
  8. Gorgeous! Your papillon sisters look great!
  9. That heatstamping is absolutely BRILLIANT! haha, now like you said, your mom can't borrow your pap ;)

    i love your collection, especially the pap collection.

    oh and bad influence... what are you talking about? I think we saved you from having to pay an additional 5% (or whatever the increase is) because I think you would've gotten the speedy eventually. better now than later!
  10. love your collection, your new purchase is beautiful!
  11. hey Irissy
    congrats on the speedy! its so beautiful! totally agree - that red lining is a puller! i just think the 25 is SO cute! and your heat stamping looks wonderful!!! a great touch to your new piece!!! i think you've shopped enough - back to the books chick!!! ;)
  12. Great loot!!!! Love your purchases!! Congrats and enjoy!!!!
  13. I loooooooove your Papillons :love:
    And your name on the strap... that's such a great idea, very cute!
  14. NICE>>>NICE>>>>NICE>>>> heat 3 papillon...:love:
  15. the D.Speedy25 is too cute. i think the Damier pattern suits the Speedy shape very well. and i like the personalized touch on the Papillon. quite subtle. very nice. :yes: