you guys are addictive

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  1. all this talk, never heard of them before this website, but today I bought a used LV cabas piano, from ebay, thanks to someone from this site bookmarking it. I was told I can replace the bottom if it is too bad. I paid $400 for that one. Then I bought the Mulberry bayswater in tooled green from BG for 60% off and got it for $400. and then I went to Bob Ellis and bought the Roxanne in dark brown.for $600. This will match my Chloe paddy in Chocolate that is coming from LVR and now I'm looking for a Balenciaga in black. Well that's it I guess. I have to keep selling selling selling on ebay to support this wonderful handbag habit that I have and I love. Everyday that I go out in public I feel special because in my town, no one is carrying what I carry. I'm earning a reputation as that mom with the incredible handbags with my high school daughter's friends.
  2. That's totally awesome, yet another converted, full blown, handbag addict ! :lol:
  3. I've always been an addict but you people are enablers! :biggrin: I've been pretty good though since I resisted all the temptation in Vegas last month. THAT could've been dangerous!
  4. since i starting coming to this board i've bought the anthracite paddington from NAP a site i never knew about before HERE. lol. and i discovered so many new bags like the novak which i'm dying to get. i never knew about the mulberry phoebe bag, until here either. so yes, it's only made the monster in me grow. LOL.
  5. I don't know what I would do without this forum! I can't think of anyone I know that would obsess over handbags with me like you all do. Even my mom, who loves shopping, told me recently, "Can you stop with this purse stuff?!" after venting to her about deciding what to buy next :lol:
  6. I'm mad that I could not get the choco brown Roxy from Bob Ellis for $600 - :sad: When I bought the oak (last week/online) the brown was still listed at full price...

    BUT - I am happy for you Loren :smile: You are amassing quite a superb collection...
  7. :nuts: YES, its totally true! this forum is totally addictive! my days at work are no longer boring, but they're now filled with learning lots more about bags!!!!
    I can't wait to build up my collection of beautiful bags! And you guys are to THANK! All this information and advice is just AWESOME!!! :nuts:
  8. NO kidding! All I do now is obsess over the next bag I want because of this forum! It's great though, it has gotten me overly addicted to handbags now if I wasn't before!!!;)
  9. I agree! Now I can never decided on a bag or its color there are too many choices I never knew existed. If I win the lottery I will just purchase them all and drive myself crazy deciding which one to use.
  10. Sorry, our bad :cry:

  11. Yes, it's nice to be obssesive here, and not be the odd-ball. My husband still does not understand why I need so many handbags. Geez....
  12. It's grrrrrrreat being in handbag heaven, huh?
  13. i love that i can come out of the closet with my addiction here. my girlfriends and husband think i am crazy but luckily he let's me keep going otherwise he knows he would definitely loose the race against alma;)
  14. Definitely more obsessed :P I've almost abandomed the fitness forums and wedding forums I used to frequent at because of this forum :lol:

    OH yeah, and more bags too :P I'm learning so much here, I love it :love:
  15. I learned so much about handbags that I can now be smart about choosing my future "targets" and I love everyone on this forum!! :nuts: I finally found my kind of people- total nuts about handbags. :love: