You "GO GIRL"....and I mean that literally!!!

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  1. WHile browsing Amazon this morning, looking for a bike for my daughter...somehow the bike search turned up this handy product!!! I didn't want any of my tPF ladies to miss the opportunity to purchase I thought I would post it here!!! Next time you are on a road trip and need to pee...have no fear of wetting your feet, because you can just "go girl". For that need to hover over toilets any longer...just whip this handy size tool out of your purse and stand up like the "big boys"!!! does have color options so that you can coordinate!!! Get it before the mad rush begins.....
  2. :nuts: :roflmfao:
  3. Lmao!
  4. Did you guys happen to see the other picture in the product review! So funny!!! is on sale!! Everyone knows I love a good bargain!!!
  5. :wtf: :faint: :sick:

    the other pic is a squatty potty like they have in asia IS easier to squat over that than it is to squat over our potties ;)
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    There is always the guide of how to pee standing up without devices. I found out in 1997-8 when I was a party girl and was spending a lot of time in clubs where the toilets where really REALLY horrible.
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    ^^^Nice!!! It is important to have a how-to guide! I could have used this back in high school when we would stop and pee just about anywhere!!!

    Just read the funny!!!!
  8. this has made my morning!

  9. Now I know what to give my friends for Christmas! LMAO
  10. I saw this a while back and put it up on my blog. Sorry but I don't think I will be investing in one of these gadgets anytime soon... which is saying a lot because I buy every darn thing! :lol:
  11. Ha I remember my sisters and I would always die laughing over a paper, one-time use version of this that my mom had stuck in her medicine cabinet. It was old as the hills and I don't think anyone has ever used it or ever will.
    Reusable weirds me out a little... can you imagine someone washing that in the bathroom sink next to you?? :nuts:
  12. i cant' find the article but the website jezebel actually did a "test" of devices similar to this one!
  13. LOL I saw this in the store!
  14. OMG this cracks me up!
  15. told my mom about this site yesterday...hahahahahahahaha!!!