You gls are gonna think I'm all buckets of crazy lol (yes, carmino & cassis again)

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  1. I finally got my carmino lg veneta:woohoo: And look, they are both so pretty! I can't choose. The cassis is so pretty with it's pink undertones. And the red is just so me. They both get to stay:smile::yahoo:

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  2. First, congrats on the carmino veneta!!
    Second, if it were me, I'd go with carmino, and it's coming from a totally non red/pink person that I am.

    Have fun deciding!! --- Keeping both can be an option too, no?
  3. Thank you, and...well, yes I am keeping both. At least for a while. I just can't choose. The cassis is more summery and the red more wintery.
  4. Duh, pardon me!:Push: You did say that both get to stay!! Two colour names automatically make me think it's a "which would you keep?" question, I guess.:sweatdrop:

    Enjoy in good health!!
  5. Many congrats Sunspark, love both the bags! Did the Carmino ball go back??
  6. YAY! Both get to stay. See, they are different and each one has it's own purpose. Congratulations!
  7. We're all buckets of crazy here Carolyn, so don't worry about that! And I totally understand why you love them both and want to keep them both - I love cassis but just don't have anything in my wardrobe it would go with... otherwise I could see myself with a Montaigne in both colours too!

    BTW, your camera seems to think it is April 6 (or June 4), 2005...
  8. Syma I can't return the carmino ball so it is on the chopping block so to speak.

    And yes Booker, my camera is out of whack. I can't figure out to reset the date since I changed the batteries (Duh!).
  9. LOL buckets of crazy....:roflmfao: Perfectly understandable! Both look gorgeous and let's face it, it's hard to part with any BV. Congrats on the carmino veneta, sunspark, and have fun enjoying them both!
  10. sunspark, keeping both makes perfect sense to me. You said the cassis is perfect for summer and the carmino is perfect for winter.
  11. :yahoo: that BOTH bags get to stay!!!
  12. I love both but being a pink gal, I love the Cassis!

    Whenever in doubt, I keep both.....that way there's no dilemma and everyone's happy!!!
  13. Congrats on your beautiful venetas. :heart: I love both colors, being a re:girlsigh:d and pink gal! :girlsigh: I have the carmino but would love cassis as well. Enjoy! :yahoo::tup:
  14. So happy for the bags finding a good home LOL! The colors are TDF.
  15. sunspark, you go girl!!! :tup: :tup: :tup:

    luv luv luv your 2 bags!

    hmmmmm, i've been deciding between the ebano and nero venetas. maybe i should following your footsteps..........