You girls will not BELIEVE this!!!

  1. I'm currently at a BBQ at my grandmother's house and am obviously having the time of my life :rolleyes:

    A few of my grandmom's friends showed up, including her neighbor. She has a daughter my age so she introduced us and we started chatting. She had noticed my new Coach Ergo that I had just bought and I complimented her on the LV Speedy that she had with her. I really want one and was asking her questions about how she likes it. She then tells me...

    IT'S FAKE!!! :wtf:

    I was dumbstruck. First of all I'm not one to carry fakes so I didn't know what to say. But this was seriously one hell of a replica. I don't have too much knowledge about LV so I really have no idea which ones are real and which ones aren't but I'm telling you, I could have sworn it was the real deal. I asked her where she bought it from and she said online at a site called *** ****. I whipped out my sidekick after she left and checked this site out, it's insane. They have some awful Coach replicas but the LV's are spot on. Check out the Speedy 25 if you go on there, and the Popincourt...looks just like the real thing. Sickening.
  2. fakes are getting better and better. Still I would never buy, let alone carry a fake.
  3. Sorry but I think those fakes are pretty obvious I can spot a fake IRL I'm not that good from pics but those are pretty clear
  4. because they use pictures of the real deal most of the time. .. stealing pic's from elux :tdown:
    my popincourt looks nothing like this .. these handles are FAR Too big! an the side alignment is wrong.:tdown::tdown:
  5. the mods need to edit your post to erase the name of the web site. this is not the right place to promote fakes.
  6. ^^^ITA, I am not as good as some of the experts here like Rebecca and John who are totally awesome and amazing, but the bags on that site scream fake to me as well.
  7. ^^ they are all fake !!!
  8. EWWWW!!!! I love it when people admit they are fakes and are all proud about it LOL
  9. Not even close to the real looks very strange and
  10. Fakes can look pretty close to the real ones, but still fakes are fakes! I would never spend a penny on a fake bag. :tdown:

  11. ^^^

    When you become more familiar with LV, perhaps after a few more authentic purchases and reading this forum, you will be better at spotting fake LVs....
  12. I stil have no idea about what is fake and what is not, unless it appears to have that platic look to it.

    That's why I consult with the expert shoppers here.

    The chick at the picnic obviously has no idea how serious a problem fakes are since she sounded kind of proud of her savings.
  13. Hell I am familiar with LV and I have a hard time spotting fakes. My mother in law has a LV speedy 30 or 40 - she uses it for an overnight bag and I thought it was real for the longest time! These fakes ARE getting good!
  14. By the way, I don't think she was trying to promote fake bags - just telling a story about this girl and about how fakes can look so real sometimes.
  15. Those green/brown cards make me sooooo p-d off when I see bids on eBay..........

    fakes---- :tdown: