You girls take away my guilt

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  1. Hi..., LONG POST TO COME BUT ONLY AS AN INTRODUCTION..., all future ones will be to the point!! I am new girl (36 years young)!!-but have looked at the great chats all you girlies have had for a long while now..., i look to all you Mulberry fanatics for all my advise and to to take away the guilt i feel for buying a Mulberry..., I am amazed at what large collections some of you have and i love that you use them and love your bags!! I have probably had 8 bags now..., started at the bottom with a Blenheim oak, not keen on the shade so swapped it for choc..., sold that on ebay as i was not happy about the long winded fastening!! Then i got an Oak Knightsbridge..., this was beautiful, the leather and shade was perfect.., i was too scared to use it much because of the rain but loved it sooo much. Then one day, someone referred to it as looking like a bowling bag- that was it!! Reminded me of those horrid chav style adidas and puma bags from my youth..., next day, my knightbridge went on ebay!! I felt awful as it sold within hours of listing and suddenly, i had no special bag..., I went on to buy a Mulberry Mabel Antique in Fuschia..., Loved the colour ( but maybe not as a bag) and loved the style and antique finish. This stayed under my bed unused, though i looked at it daily!! ..., to be honest, i was still feeling guilty about owning such an expensive bag..
    I then sold my mabel on ebay and went off to shepton mallet Mulberry outlet for a choc version.., these were over £100 more so i settled for a small size- BIG (LITTLE) MISTAKE!! Was like a clutch bag with a handle as it was so small but i LOVED the colour and everything else. I loved that the mabel is light to carry as with two daughters age one and three, and a pushchair, i do not need any extra baggage weight, but this was to small.., so again, hoorahhh for ebay!!
    I then still felt as though something was missing in my life for not having a Mulberry..., could not afford a reg sized Mabel in choc so found a pre-owned, barely used Jacquetta as i loved the look of it... Got it, and it was indeed beautiful, but not secure and the choc colour was too dark so Again sold it..., at a profit, which was great. Now.., what did i want for goodness sakes??!! Another Mulberry, of that i was sure..., what colour though..., i love choc but i love Oak when aged......
    I found a pre- owned, barely used Mollie. Loved it because it was like the jacquetta bit with a secure zip fastening.., however, it was barely used so not 'aged' enough and i was Too scared to use it, to age it myself in case i ruined it GRRRRRR.., and as it stood it was a tad stiff!!!!
    So.., sold it, again at a profit. THE END you may say, but no, i thought i would have one last try..., Found a choc Roxanne on ebay in Australia, for an absolute bargain and it is beautiful & handsome., but so heavy!!! And, it only looks a nice shape when it is stuffed full!

    I am a buyer of beautiful shoes and boots without any guilt, with belstaffs and Vivienne Westwoods to speak of but a few but handbags take a bit more justifying to myself, although i love the way they look on all who have them..( i am by no means wealthy, a full time mum & everything i buy is funded by keeping my things in pristine/ used condition and selling them on ebay to buy something new)
    Please tell me, how to relax with my mulberry and how to enjoy it without worrying about it and feeling guilty for having it??!! LOL...
    P.S... How do you cope with a saggy roxy.., I wonder if something ridged in it's bottom would firm it up??!!
  2. Morning poppyflossy and welcome to Mulberry house! :welcome2:

    You already had similar journey as many of us had/are having, but keeping the numbers low instead of just accumulating - that's good control which I need LOL!

    Enjoy your Mulberry without guilt and tell us your next purchase plan in due course! :biggrin:

    As for saggy bottom (I have one attached to me btw) - some people cut the stiff paper (eg. Next catalogue cover) or plastic (eg. ring binder cover). Others comment VIP liner helps. But I'm not Roxy girl so I'm sure other will come in and help soon!

    See you around!!
  3. Welcome on board!!

    Wow, you've had some lovely bags along the way and have ended up where I started, with a choc Roxy (what good taste you have!)

    Mine doesn't seem to sag (probably 'cos it's stuffed to the hilt), but would echo ratrat - just be careful not to have too sharp edges if you're lining the bottom with something (perhaps wrap the card/plastic in a nice cloth/scarf?)
  4. Your story made me smile. I'm also guilty of buying bags that i love the look of but am too scared to use!!!! Unfortunately I haven't had the sense to sell some of them so they sit in my wardrobe waiting to be used for 'special'. But also as a Mum (3 young boys) how often do special occasions occur?:shame:

    A choc roxy is a classic that may not be around for ever according to one recent thread but don't keep it unless it serves it's function for you. A VIP liner should help it hold it's shape and definately makes it easier to find things in your bag. I'd be lost without mine these days particularly in my black hole of a bayswater!

    Welcome to the forum!
  5. Welcome to the madhouse :biggrin: As the other ladies have said, you're not alone in your anguish about your lovely bags. I do use most of mine without fear of ruining them, there was only one I was a bit reluctant to take it but now I just get on with it. I think you should embrace your new bags and be proud to carry them when you're out and about.

    I don't have any other advice re: your saggy bottom, I'd have suggested the cardboard but see the girls have recommended that already. Good luck, hope it works!

    And don't be a strange, come back and chat :biggrin:
  6. Thanks ladies.., what a lovely surprise to open my account and see all of these replies already! I tried to remove the post as it was too long but alas i was not able so Thanks for the warm welcome, it's like being sat in a cosy living room and drinking tea with old friends!
    Ps.., what is a VIP liner? Is it a zipped pouch that could go inside my bag? I actually prefer the look of My Roxy when the flaps are up.., it kind of reminds me of a Belgrave which i really love..and it makes it look more structured, so something which could go inside would be great to keep everything in place! xx
  7. Hi poppyflossy and welcome. I'm still a relative newbie myself but everyone here is so welcoming.

    I loved reading your Mulberry story and how you went through the list of bags.

    I bought a pre-loved Alana and a Maggie in the sale both of which I have used with no feelings of guilt (more love actually!). But my new Mitzy mesenger is still in it's bag. I look at it lovingly every day but can't quite bring myself to use her in case something happens. I think it might be because I am used to bashing black bags around and Mitzy is oak.

    But really - if we have a beautiful bag that we love we should use it. If we enjoy looking at it at home how much more would we enjoy it actually out and about with us?
    Mulberry always seems to sell on eBay so it can always be passed on to another home even in a used condition.
  8. You have to fell in love! thats's my advice!
    My first really nice watch i bought i was really in love with. Just had to have it!
    But i bought my next one a couple of weeks ago... i dont want to use it and why? i wasnt in love with it when i bought it, i didnt really have to have it. Such an impulse-buy.
    I would like to have a another nice bag, i been thinking about an Alexa, but i dont know if i am in love! So i wont buy anything until i am. It is so much money!

    Good luck!
  9. Hello Lola73! I think all of us girls are same really..., the guilt adds to the pleasure of the purchase though really! I have bought a few on ebay but would never buy an NEW bag from ebay.., especially when someone goes on a little too much about the tags attached and serial no. etc.. The pictures normally tell the tale and i usually go with chatterboxes like me who tell you their life story within the description of the bag.., kind of helps you to trust them. Sometimes you get the ones, listed by men which say things like " i am sellin' this bag for the misses who doesn't use it. 100% real" And that's it.., or those who say, they "believe it to be Authentic" -after buying it from ebay... hmmm ..stay away!!!! My Aunt's sister works in the factory for Mulberry, doing repairs and says she was getting as many as 9 or more fakes a week plus which were from ebay..
  10. Yes..,I know exactly what you mean Ztory.., not sure i am feeling the love.., the biggest love i have is still for my Belstaff boots.., I am waiting for my heart to be pierced with that same love for my Mulberry..., maybe i should keep looking..., if i get the saggy bottom thing sorted with my beautiful Roxy it may well happen...!!
    Does anyone have any views on the Belgrave?
  11. Hi Poppyflossy and welcome to the madhouse. You have been very restrained and sensible in your buying habits to offload one before buying the next. I wish I could do the same but I always end up with too many bags, sell in bulk and then it starts again. As far as ebay is concerned, don't always be afraid of new bags with tags as some might be genuine and beyond the dates for return. Just take each on its merit and get each and every one authenticated first.
  12. Hi poppyflossy - welcome to the mad house. You seem more sensible than most of us on here- come aon board and let us corrupt you!!!
  13. I saw you are in Wiltshire poppyflossy, where abouts? I am in Swindon...

    And you can see a VIP liner at this website, it's where I ordered mine from, it's very handy and makes swapping bags (if you have many!) a real breeze.
  14. Morning Bluecat_00.., after i said that, i realised that i too sold two bags with tags.., forgot to mention i went for the plunge with the ocean Blue as well after the small brown Mabel!! Again, a colour too bold for my needs and not an easy colour to blend into the closet, if you know what i mean!! I have seen the NEW WITH TAGS bags which have those funny chunky shiny zips without the raised edging.., that's the ones i was referring too really.. I prefer used anyway, because i am too uptight to get mine to the 'used' stage, i would rather get somebody slightly more relaxed to do it for me!!
    I live near the village of Box Fuzzyfelt27! :smile:
  15. Hello poppyflossy, im new here too, welcome! the ladies are all great lots of good advice and enabling i came on with one bag! you have good self control but beware its a slippery slope... but im enjoying every minute