You girls have made me Spy crazy.... officially

  1. I've wanted one for over a year.
    You know?
    It's been "on my list".


    It's finally FINALLY at the top of my list!!:yahoo:
    I'm getting ready to buy one within the next few weeks.
    I'm just going to keep my eyes peeled on eBay because Holt Renfrew overcharges!

    Wish me luck!!
    I'll be in the club sson, unless some insane Balenciaga on my list comes up:lol:
  2. YAYYY :yahoo: Good luck in finding one and please let us know once you get it :smile:
  3. Oh great we'll have new pics to look forward to. Which colour have you decided on winona?
  4. I'm going to bid on the Petrol Spy on eBay, as I mentioned in Auth. this....but I'm also looking for the Chocolate Brown. Cognac and Honey are too light for what I need right now.

  5. Oooh, good luck on the petrol spy ... that's a beautiful color! You will love the spy, it's such a beautiful bag! I have a cognac one and it still is one of my favorite bags. But right now, I've been wanting a red Bbag so badly ... I need some color in my handbag wardrobe.
  6. ^^ man that red 04 sold last night for 799!! too bad you missed it!!
    I think i'm still holding out for the 03 red.

    Until then? SPY!!!!
  7. I'm like you. Seeing all these beautiful spies makes me want one now. I think this will be my next purchase too. Just which color and size? Ugh!!!