You girls are gonna think I am nuts haha. Now I have a Black SGH Brief!!!

  1. Okay first I have to say that I now realize how much I hate the leather on the Black GGH Day that I bought last week. Back to Barney's it goes. Comparing it to the Black leather on the Brief from the F/W collection!!! Well there is just no comparison. The Brief is thick and buttery!!!! :heart::heart: Anyway I guess my mother saw this bag this past weekend and she knew I was having trouble making a decision so she bought it to show me. I now LOVE this Brief style. It's unique and gorgeous! I am still hung up on the Steel color though so I am not sure I am keeping this black one, but now I think I even like the SGH!!!! And I was a stickler for the gold. What do you think? Sorry the pix are kinda dark.

  2. OMG, that is gorgeous. That is one hot bag!!
  3. It's gorgeous and the leather looks amazing.
    The leather on my black GSH city is soft and smooshy too. All bags from this season seem to have wonderful leather.
  4. beautiful! congratulations
  5. Yeah the leather is fab. The leather from the S/S collection is actually and I can't believe I would say this about any Balenciaga, but it's pretty horrible!!! Thin and veiny and not smooth and soft. Bleh! This Brief is divine:love:
  6. L:huh:ks awesome on you, leather looks plush as well. I love the Steel color as well... it so much different IRL versus pictures.. Good luck on your decision.. the Steel Sgh.. is looking very Fab ;)
  7. ooo its so pretty! i love how the silver pops out at u.
  8. I have yet to see the Steel with the SGH in person but I have heard it's beautiful!!! I have only seen it with the gold in person. So I am worried to order it from BalNY because I can't return and get my money back. If only I can see that combo in real life beforehand!!! I love the black too but I already have many black bags including a Work in black with the RH.

    Oh decisions, decisions :confused1:
  9. It looks gorgeous! I really love the black with SGH. Wow.
  10. lovely lovely bag!! i really love the SGH. it's subtle, yet really POPS! love it! congrats! :heart:
  11. oh that bags looks so good with the SGH
  12. looks FABULOUS!! I love the combo black with SGH, the leather is yummy and it looks good on you:yes:
  13. Wow!!!:nuts: The leather is truely AMAZING!
  14.'s killing me to look at this bag. It's so beautiful with the silver hardware!

  15. :nuts: I love it congrats!!