You girls are enablers! Ordered red Elisha, my precccious!

  1. sorry25 is still working for 25% off at AE.
    Hope it is still in stock.
    (sitting near the window waiting for the postman).
  2. Congrats, the red Elisha is a popular choice and very beautiful!
  3. ugh another one bites the dust... i swear i'll buy the devin and not the elisha *crosses fingers behind back* OOOO decisions decisions...

    congrats on ur new purchase!
  4. Congratulations!! Now you're making me ponder whether I should also utilize the discount...
  5. won't regret it!!
  6. You will just love it!! Post pics ASAP when you receive it.
  7. Congrats! I soooo want to order a Blonde Devin...and 25% off sounds great. I put it in my cart, almost pressed order....but backed out. I'll let you know if I ever press that button!
  8. I promise you girls...The Red Elisha is an awesome bag with awesome leather. My husband, who is NOT a bagwhore..LOL...even says it is a beautiful bag. And he doesn't say it much.
    The neat thing about this bag is the color. Don't let the red put you off if you are a black/brown bag girl. The muted Red of this bag makes it a very neutral shade.
    I had NO red bags. I hated red bags...until I saw this.
  9. I so wish AE carries the Bonnie :sad: . Congrats on your Elisha!
  10. Another Red Elisha girl! There will be a whole gang of us here by summer.

    Maybe Kooba should offer us a group discount? :idea: