You get to pick only 2 make-up products for the rest of your life - which?

  1. Ok...aliens come down and take away all the make-up in the world to use it to fuel their spaceships, for it is the only thing that will work and they are more powerful than us cause, well..they are aliens. Anyways, before liftoff back to Planet Balftzorg, in a brief stroke of compassion they let each person keep only 2 pieces of makeup... (a spell gets put on the make-up's so they NEVER run out, they regenerate themselves when they get low, so no worries). Which do you pick to be tied to forever and ever and ever?

    I'll start.

    I pick: Too Faced Black Lava Matte Eyeliner & Chanel Glossimer in Sideral


  2. Well, I know it would be eyeliner but I really don't have a favorite brand. OK, to get two products out of one I'll say Chanal quad so I'll have a shadow and can also use as an eyeliner. My second item would have to be something for the lips, probably something glossy, pinkish - no special brand in mind.
    Funny, after I posted this, I noticed I pretty much picked the same two items as you (liner and gloss). To me liner really brings out the eyes and I feel naked w/o it!
  3. im a plain jane...chap stick and moisturizer!
  4. Oh those nasty aliens!!
    But then again, they're pretty ugly so I suppose they need it more then we do... :p

    Id have to choose Maybelline ShinyLicious lipgloss in Lolly Pink and Maybelline Volum Express Mascara in Black - though theyre pretty mainstream products, theyre inexpensive and do such a great job! Cant live without them! :yes:
  5. OMFG only 2 products?! Yikes! :wtf:

    Do I get to keep my skincare stuff like cetaphil and vaseline? Because that makes a difference for me...

    I think I'd choose a Too Faced Quickie Chronicles Palette (I'd choose the full sized Starlette one, but I can't find a pic of it) and Max Factor Panstick foundation. Is that cheating? The palette is technically one item :angel:

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  6. ^^ nice choice i LOVE the starlette palette :yes:...but! cheating! only 2. as in one. and one. but...the aliens will let you slide THIS once, you may use the palette for 1 month, then must pick 1 replacement for it so you still have 2 in all. muwahhahahaa.....:devil: lol..
  7. mmmmmm well if it wasn't counting skincare then I would say Bobbi brown hydrating eye cream and sunscreen

    not including skincare I would need mascara (Bobbi brown everything) I feel bald without it and ooo this hard under eye concealer or foundation I can't decide one of those.
  8. LOL, Gayle! It was worth a try :shame:

    I'd definitely choose the Panstick. You can apply it as concealer with a brush, or with a damp sponge like regular foundation or just apply it directly to the face for full on stage/ pancake makeup. It's very versatile.

    Since the palette isn't allowed, I'd choose the Too Faced Pink Leopard Bronzer as my second item. It's a great for my entire face (NO orange!) and in a pinch, I could use the colors separately :tup:

  9. [​IMG]This is tough! Well, assuming that I never break out again after the aliens abduct my makeup, I would have to say... probably some kind of mascara (DiorShow or Chanel Inimitable) and I just picked up NARS' The Multiple in Orgasm, which is a cream blush that can be used on the lips and eyes as well. Do I get to keep my eyelash curler? I need it desperately! An extremely close tie would be Kiehl's lip balm #1. I don't mind if my lips are colourless as long as they're shiny!!!
    main_themultiple.jpg diorshow.jpg
  10. oooh that's tough. i choose covergirl ultimate finish liquid powder compact makeup in classic ivory and chanel glossimer in spark.
  11. Yeah, great choice with the NARS multiple, I think I would pick that and my La Mer fluid tint. Wow, those aliens are going to get alot of makeup just from all of us gals here on TPF!!
  12. amazing concealer and boscia moisturizer.
  13. hmm...Clinique Superfit Foundation and Benetint - it doubles as a cheek tint and a lip stain!
  14. Hmmm... Definately my mascara, Lancomes Defincils in black and probably my Carmex, I can't go to bed without it!
  15. What a tough choice! I suppose it's nice of the aliens to let me keep two products, though. I've narrowed it down to Cle de Peau concealer and Tarte cheek stain (which I don't own but feel strongly I will love), since I can also use it on my lips. If after a while I was rewarded an extra product for good behavior, I'd choose Max Factor Volume Couture Waterproof mascara (my new HG).