you find the perfect bag but.....HELP!!

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  1. hello darling tpfrs to find the answer to this question i belive i will have to ask it in a odd way so please beare with me. i found the most perfect beyond perfect birkin i have been searching for this combo for some time but odly enough not in a birkin the kelly that i am in love with lately and cant stop admiring is the bag i had intended to own in this color COMBO and i actually ordered a 35 cm in this particular color. my ever so well educated and efficient SM actually ordered the birkin in this combo becuase she thought it would beautiful to buy and have at the store, knowing me and knowing that i love perfect beyond perfect bags flawless in stamping, and detailing, stitching color saturation and balance, she decides to call me, since the birkin came in before the kelly. i thank her and say i will think about it. and so i hurry home get on the computer and post this message. but as i think of it i can tell that if i give you the bag specs like me...... you will be swayed, and will automatically say take the bag you big dumb bell. so i wont give you the specs, i would like to ask you now to think of the combo. that you yourselves would love to own. the exact combination, all is perfection even the size is comprable. and it just happens to be another beautiful model and the perfect hermes specimen !!!!! would you take it or would you wait on the exact bag. risking the fact that this bag just catches you but.......................... its not the one ......but your heart beats and you want it as well but............its just not it .....but its perfect but........ yes but no.......i think you get the point. after seeing your answers i shall tell you what the bag specs are and will tell you if i said yes or no ! thankyou as allways my darling friends. birkel.
  2. wow...what a dilemma to have!! :biggrin: i think you have to ask yourself whether you mind having a birkin and a kelly in the exact same combo?

    for me, if it is a black or rough H or brique box ghw combo, i do not mind having it in the birkin and kelly and constance!!!

    but if it is any other of the seasonal colours or leather, then i would wait for the exact bag, because you know the SM will call you when the bag appears!!! JMHO.
  3. When in doubt, don't I always say. If you get a bag you are unsure about, something you really want might come in next week and you will be upset with yourself for buying something you weren't sure you wanted.
  4. Mmmm, tough one.
    Personally I would wait for the perfect bag unless this bag is really, really singing to you. Then I would take it. Only if it's love at first sight for you.
    For example, I ordered a Gris T. Birkin about one year ago and it still hasn't arrived. If my SA would call me that they had a Gris T. Kelly I would pass and wait for the Birkin because that's what I really want. So think very well about which bag you would love to have? If you would pass on this bag, would you regret it or not?
    I guess I'm not much help here, am I :P? Anyway, good luck with your decision and you made me curious what the combo is you are talking about :nuts:.
  5. I totally understand how you feel, this situation happened to me. I've been waiting for a 35 rose tyrien birkin. My SA called for a 35 kiwi kelly, I went to the boutique to see, I couldn't stand of the beauty so I got the kiwi kelly. About 3 weeks later my SA called she got the 35 rose tyrien but it was kelly...I went there to get the bag..and still waiting for my 35 birkin one :sad:
    3 week later I passed on a celeste 35 birkin because I've learned from the 2 candy kellys, I've used the kiwi once and never for the rose tyrien because my heart is still waiting for a 35 rose tyrien birkin. I think you should go and see if you love the bag or not. For me I would say wait for the kelly and I am sure your lovely SM will call when she got the kelly for you..Birkel;)
    Good luck
  6. Tough call for some but not for moi. If I want a Kelly, I want a Kelly. If I want lemon pie, I'm not asking for the apple. Good things happen (eventually). Don't they say patience is a virtue; alas, one I was born without. Thanks to motherhood I've managed to acquire a dash and a pinch..

    Can't wait to hear what's swirling in the cloud above your noggin!
  7. I would wait. That's all I can say. Actually mid sentence I just changed my mind, but only if the choice were between a Kelly and a Constance!!!! Sorry I'm no help, if you love both the Kelly and the Birkin equally than this is tough decision!!!
  8. Yes, I would take it, without a doubt. Birkin or kelly, I would definitely take it. Now please tell us the combo. :P
  9. I think if you hold it, try it on, and then need it, GET IT! If you still aren't sure, then you should wait. I would not be able to make the decision without seeing it in person. Also, if you know you would use both the birkin and kelly, then snatch it up! And if it's such a wonderful color combination, then I'm sure plenty of people would be willing to purchase it from you if you should decide you only want the kelly. :smile:
  10. It sounds to me dear Birkel like you love this combo in either the B or K....if you do, then take it. If h/e the K is your preferred style then wait...I do know though that you love your Bs so my 2cents would be go for it!
  11. I believe you like both styles but your first love is the Kelly right? If you love this color combo and it is immaculate and perfectly stamped in the Birkin version, I think you should get it. If your Kelly comes along soon, then perhaps you could sell the Birkin once the Kelly is in hand (or keep both if this color combo is the absolute most perfect ever). In short, get the Birkin, see how long it takes to get the Kelly, then once it comes along you can decide on whether you want both or will sell the Birkin.
  12. Agreed! Plus.. is your kelly guaranteed? What if it never comes?
  13. ask first...

    1/ do I have a solid relationship with my SM? (I believe you do!)

    2/ am I confident that a kelly in this combo will arrive soon and my SM will most definitely give this to me?
    (I think you said that too - "she decides to call me, since the birkin came in before the kelly")

    if the answers is "YES" to both, then I'd say...wait.

    but then if it was me, it's a different story! I'll get it, in a heartbeat, since at this point birkins suit my lifestyle more :P

    good luck on your decision, birkel :flowers:
  14. birkel darling, if it doesn't make your heart race, don't do it.

    wait for "the one". you will know it when you see it. :yes:
  15. I use the Birkin and Kelly the same. In fact, I find Birkin easier to use since I don't have to strap it up. So in the exact same combo, I would take this Birkin which comes first in a heartbeat!