You or is not TOO inspired!!

  1. [​IMG]
    I think this looks like a Prada bag that we all know and some of us love. Verdict on whether or not this counts as a replica?

    This reminds me of a few things. What do you think?
    (I think it is UGLY personally, but let me know if it looks like a copy, as it is a pretty cheap bag)


    I want to buy this last one, but it is out of stock. I am wondering if anyone has seen something like this from a high end designer and if it is a "knock off" or not? I am seriously not sure!:shrugs:

    BTW, please continue ot post bags that you are unsure of here. Many of us may not be aware that a style is "borrowed" unless we are told. If it is a brand you are not familiar with, go ahead and ask. With all these bag lovers, surely there will be an expert available to answer!:yes:
  2. I just want to add that EVERYONE's opinion is valued here. Regardless of who agrees. Please make this an open discussion and open opportunity to post random bags;) I will start my saying the first bag looks a little too Prada "it" bag for me to be into. It is a well known bag and seems to have no outward label saying it IS or is NOT a Prada. On the other hand, I am not sure if I even like it, so I guess it does not matter, regardless. The other two, I am really unsure.
  3. It's so hard to have an opinion here as I am a total imbecile when it comes to bags other than C and H. I don't know what the designer versions of these bags are like, sorry djgirl.
  4. Sweetie, if I see a "kinda C or H" I will for sure put it up!!! ROFLMAO:roflmfao:
    *going to find a Cha-not or a Her-maybe*
  5. Here is one

  6. So, as an Hermes do you feel about this bag? I think, honestly, since it is VERY obviously a replikinda bag, I would not buy one. If I EVER get an Hermes, it will be real, just so I can make sure to show EVERYONE who stares!! (and I still want yours...WITH the scarf!!) What do you think about the material, the quality of the construction, etc? Is this one of yours(I am guessing not, since you seem to not be into the "training wheels" bags"...LOL) oh...and the price tag? That MIGHT sway my opinion about it....those hermaybes are pretty pricey for an imitation bag, though! I think it is kind of like wearing a 10 carat diamond. You have to have it ALL going to pass of the Hermes bag.
  7. I did comment on this bag in another thread and got shot down:blah:. Far too inspired. I would never consider buying it. This bag is supposed to be of very good quality and runs at about $400 and quite a few PF members own it so I am going to run and take cover.....
  8. No shooting here. I agree. I think Hermes, especially the Birkin, in all its vicious glory, is the biggest "status symbol" bag money can buy. If you like them, great, but it has a connotation with "the finest things in life". I personally would feel odd carrying an inspired Birkin-type bag for that reason. It is VERY well known, and I feel like, at my age(30), unless I was dressed in business attire(which I am through the weekdays), any single person I came into contact with would think I was "posing" if they knew what the bag "was". I may dress like I would buy a thousand dollar bag, but I have a TOYOTA(yes, it is still "custom", new and flashy). Anyone who knew what kind of car I drive would know I was not carrying an Hermes. One of these days, when I have my BMW AND my Fiat, then, and only then, will I get myself an Hermes. And to be honest, though I have always thought about a Birkin, that Kelly has grown on me so much, it may be a Kelly.:yes: (a little less copied, too...heh heh)
  9. This one?

  10. Ok...I definately see some elements I recognize here. I am not sure if this is anything that would qualify as a knockoff or not?! The perf looks like it is taken from Louis Vuitton. The tassel and rings from other things. I would say it looks good...but that's just me...
  11. And these ones?


    croc_muse_4.jpg croc_muse_1.jpg
  12. definitely copying YSL's muse!

    no no
  13. ^^ I just pulled out an OLD Liz Clairborne bag from the back of my closet (at least 15 years old) and it looks enough like these bags that some might call it a "Muse wannabe."
  14. Inspired by Marc Jacobs' PERFORATED Brigitte.

  15. aha..I thought it looked familiar in some the Muse was easy, since it is everywhere right now. I actually kinda like the green version...LOL. I think those are copied, yet I am not sure about that croc or the colors. Yes the hardware looks the same to me but do these fall into that grey area since the actual bag doesn't exist elsewhere by the original designer?