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Feb 27, 2009
North Andover
Black RH City '10
Anthra GSH Day '10 & Moutard '10

Hey guys I wondering what to do. Should I just get a Black RH city and be done for a while or wait for an Anthra GSH Day & Moutard '10???? I have sent in 3 Bals to do this. I am finding that this obsession needs to stop...or at least slow down hehehe. So far this is what I have

Sang RH City
Tempete RH City
08 VT GSH Brief
and two CPs (09 Black & Sang GSH)
Oh and a Rasin Twiggy (on the way)

I am thinking that a black RH city will put me out of my misery but am so curious (note curious) about the other two. Also should I part with my VT Brief to do all three??? AHHH

Thoughts anyone??
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banana cake monster~
Oct 11, 2009
all over...
^^ good idea..i LOVE colors i STILL havent got a black after numerous bags..even though I REALLY want one too..haha maybe if there is pewter =P


Dec 24, 2005
It's hard to say. My first Bal was a black City (after much debate about a bright or a neutral), and I ended up selling it. I'm just not a black bag kind of gal. That was the last black bag I owned (2007) and I don't miss it. However, I completely understand how it can be wearable and essential for those people who like black.


Apr 30, 2009
Midwest USA
Even though you already have Cities, I think that the Black RH City is the best choice, especially if you only foresee one more in the near future. It's the one bag that most ladies could use every day, for any occasion, with every outfit!

Anthra SGH Day would be a close second, for me... mostly because the style is a little different than what you already have.

But Black RH City is such a classic! If you really want to make it special, hold out for an '05 or some other amazing variation of chevre... I think you'll find that there is a breadth of possibilities to keep you occupied when you consider purchasing a Black RH City. ;)

And, of course, it's always fun to throw in a cute CP or wallet in a pop color!!!


Mar 9, 2010
I just bought my first Balenciaga but strangely didn't consider black.

I definitely would go for 2 bags over 1 can always pick up a black any season but moutard is unlikely to be repeated. Plus anthra can almost pass off as a black bag.