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  1. I fell in love with Monty PM, but unfortunately they retired it before I decided I had to have it. Please help me find a backup bag for my first LV purchase.
    I am petite and do not want a huge bag.
    Thank you!
  2. I actually don't think the larger Monty size is that big and not much more expensive. A Delightful PM goes well with a petite frame as does a Totally PM.
  3. Are you looking for handheld or shoulder bag? For handheld I like speedy 30 or tivoli pm. For shoulder speedy b 30, delightful pm, and totally pm. Good luck deciding
  4. I tried on the Monty GM and felt it was too big and not comfortable on me. I did like the looks tho. what kind of bag are you looking for ?
  5. I agree with the Delighful recommendation. Tivoli PM if you want hend-held. If you have a bigger budget, I highly recommend Artsy MM. It's my most favorite LV evah!!
  6. If you are concerned about size, I say try the neverfull PM. It's a shoulder bag & because you will try the PM size it won't be this massive tote. You can actually dress up the pm size & carry it as an everyday handbag instead of a tote.
  7. I thought I liked the Sully PM, but am not sure. My Mom loves the Tivoli PM. She went and tried on both of them and took pictures to help me decide....but I still can't make up my mind! This is why I decided to ask the experts!!!
  8. Also of you really like the Monty's shape. You can also try the Rivington PM in Damier Ebene. It's pretty much the same shape & size. It has the the two shoulder straps the same pleating on the sides. It's very comparable, the Rivington is just a little more structured.
  9. Sully and Tivoli are great choices. Tivoli is more structured than Sully and hand held. Sully is not as structed but has shoulder strap. Depends on your needs of the bag.
  10. Is the Artsy MM huge?
  11. You have a great collection. What is your go to bag?
  12. My vote goes for Tivoli PM. I have the GM size. I think the Tivoli is soo feminine, such a gorgeous bag. When I was was deciding, I was also looking at the Sully. GL!
  13. Here's me with my MM. I'm 5'2" and 113 pounds. It's big, but not overwhelming, IMO.
  14. Thanks..I have been collecting for awile...Right now, my go to is my speedy mono 30. I did not think I was a handles gal, always straps, but speedys rock...It fits alot and comfortable to carry even with an ipad in there. The ONLY place I need straps is the grocery store, I do not want to put it in the cart so ended up carrying and using one hand for the cart..Reckless cart driving at its best! :smile:I do to DE items when its bad weather and a bigger bag like Verona MM or Tivoli Gm for going out of town. Your best bet it to go to a store if you are close and try what you like on. I found that purses I liked that I saw online or on videos were not necessarily the ones I ended up liking in person. Is there anything that catches your eye that you like?
  15. The Artsy MM looks great on you!