You Charged It !! Do You Own It Right Away?

  1. I know people that if they buy a highend item, they feel that they dont own it untill its been paid off, or a least almost paid off.

    Me personally, I own it right away.

    How about you?
  2. I agree. I think as soon as I have given my John Hancock its mine! But I must admit paying it off feels wonderful!
  3. I don't have a CC yet! :smile: I think that I would consider it mine as soon as I swiped the card. I also think I would max out my card within one shopping trip to the mall, so I stick with my debit for now! :smile:
  4. I own it right away, I mean it's not like your NOT going to pay for it, right? The decision has been made, it's yours, IMO.
  5. maybe I'm anal, but I don't use my credit card unless I know I can pay it off. it sort of defeats the purpose of owning one, but I have a really bad shopping habit and I don't want it to get out of hand.
  6. It's mine once the card goes through the swipe. I never carry a balance, it's more like using a card is a way to get a free month long loan that I'll pay off right away, plus earn some sort of reward. Oh and of course let credit card companies take a peak at what I buy.. unfortunately.
  7. I'm that way, too. I don't think it defeats the purpose of owning a card, though. It's convenient and you build good credit. That's pretty good reason!
  8. I never use credit but do have debit. So, the money goes right through. So, I feel like I own it. lol
  9. Own it. I also pay my credit card bills in full b/c I hate the idea of giving them any more money if I left a balance..
  10. Own it.
  11. I own it. I have many credit cards and they are all paid in full each month. This way I easily justify "rewarding" myself. And look forward to buying something else lol.
  12. hehehe, my cc is in hiding! i havent seen it in a while!
  13. Oh Heck ya it'd be mine right away :smile:
  14. I think I own it, especially since the bill is paid off right away :biggrin:
  15. Oh yeah... I own it immediately :smile: