You Carried That Yesterday!

  1. This morning, me and the BF were getting ready to go out of the house for a bit. I put on my very casual clothes (denim capris, ribbed tank top) and then picked up my purse--the infamous Dooney Bolero in black and brown. My BF was in the bedroom with me, and I told him how much I LOVE the purse (especially since I can wear it with black shoes and brown shoes, and I had on brown shoes today). Then he said, "You can't carry that again today. You took it to the mall YESTERDAY." I didn't know what to say, so I, just said something about not having time to change purses and the fact that at least we weren't going back to the mall.

    Do any of your significant others try to get you to change bags every day, or who prefer that you don't carry the same bag two days in a row?
  2. The only time DH ever noticed what bag I was carrying was to say "that bag is ginormous!"

    Edit: forgot, he has also said "did you buy another one??"
  3. My SO rarely notices what purse I carry, whether it's my Chanel or my BCBG bag, it doesn't make a difference to him. :nogood:
  4. I will drop dead from shock if my bf ever noticed my bag.
  5. the most i can squeeze out of my bf i a careful "its a nice bag" after i flash him my new balenciaga weekender or my gaucho:sad:...hopeless :tdown:
  6. LOL; my husband only notices what I am carrying if it is new. He has a radar for it. Then of course, I am busted.
  7. Unless I ask for his opinion on a new bag, all I usually get is "Is that new?" or "You look nice today". The exception to this was my Botkier. He said it was really soft and even asked his mom to feel it once.
  8. They only time he ever notices is if he has to pick it up for whatever reason and goes "Wow, this is heavy! What do you have in here?!" Maybe once in a while he'll ask if a bag is new, but 8 of 10 times it's an older bag and he just never noticed it before.
  9. Hmmmm...interesting, because my BF doesn't usually make comments like that. I guess the bag from yesterday/today must have really stood out for him to notice it...LOL or maybe he was being sarcastic or facetious.
  10. Same here:yes:
  11. My bf has never commented on my bags, but he does hate when I ask him to hold my purse just for a second (i.e. when I'm going into a fitting room or trying on another purse). I don't know why guys find that so humiliating. It's not like some other guy is going to come along and judge my guy for holding a purse for two minutes.

    Bf does, however, have a very good memory of what is in my closet at home when I seem to have forgotten while in the stores. As I ask what he thinks of an item, he'll say "Don't you have a black dress like that already?" or "Don't you have that dark brown bag in light brown already?" He's usually right and has saved me hundreds of dollars!
  12. Interesting...Why not ask him what he meant? If mine ever cared enough to make a comment about handbags, I would be looking for Ashton Kutcher right behind him!!
  13. I don't think my husband cares about what bag Im carrying, much less does he notice how many days in a row I carry one. That just seems quite weird to me.
  14. LOL! Sounds just like my DH!
  15. I was carrying a LeSportsac bag the other day, and I happened to have used it a few days in a row so I got hit with the comment of "Why are you carrying the $20 bag?? You have better bags.." :shrugs:

    It was a Marshall's find and I was caught up in the bargain. Besides, it's a great bag IMO!