You can't possibly use 8 bags!

  1. This was the comment hubby said to me this afternoon-he has somehow come up with the figure that I have 8 handbags-and he thinks noone can use "that many"-oh-if he only knew!
  2. Not only can you use 8 handbags, you can use more than that and you are happy to prove it to him...;)
  3. =) Men tend to think that women only need 1 of everything (pair of shoes, purse, ....).
  4. LOL yes, you can use lots lots more ;) hehe
  5. my bf says the same thing then i just say, oh so u can just use one golf ball? then end of the story.. hahaha.....of course, i do not own the same amount of golf balls as he has, or else, i will be in extreme debt by now.. lol
  6. My DH doesn't seem to understand why I need more than one bag either. :rolleyes:
  7. well, not all at the same time!
  8. :lol:! THEIR perfect world!
  9. None of my family members understand that you need certain bags to go with certain things. Every bag is beatiful in its own way.
  10. You most certainly can! :biggrin:
  11. LOL, just curious how many handbags do you actually have?
  12. Hehee... most guys just don't get it!!

    Last week I was with my bf and telling him how my bday was coming up and hoping we could arrange a deal to get me a new handbag... he said no self respecting woman should have more than three handbags, black, brown and evening. I was liek WHHHAAAT?!?! I was like even your mom would have more than three and she doesn't even like handbags as much as I do. And he refused to think she had more than 3, so we made a bet... and called his mom up... and needless to say, I won!
  13. What? ONLY 8 bags???? ;)
  14. he,he:shame:

  15. I with you on that one.:yes: I have brought quite a few bags so far this year. My husband is like another bag how many do u need? :yucky: But I use all my of bags. I carry a different bag every week. This way no one feels left out:P .