You can order the SKULL CHARM! New Style #!

  1. I just ordered the skull charm by calling It has a new style number 92269. It is still $38 and on back order till the end of September! :yahoo:
  2. oh, yippee!!!! :p
  3. order it for PCE ladies!!

    then it will be $28.50

    feel sorry for that poor buyer who paid $103 on evilbay!!

  4. I agree! I LOVE the skull charm but lets be reasonable ....its a charm!!!! LOL....:weird:
  5. How does it look like?
  6. Well, considering I missed out on it last time because I waited for PCE, I am going to go ahead and get it now! It is not worth missing it again for less than $10...JMHO
  7. [​IMG]
  8. hmm, that's true but if it's backordered till sept, you can't get it anyway till then. PCE starts sept 14th.
  9. Yep, I'm sooo glad I didn't bid on the eBay ones that were $100+:wtf:
  10. ok called 888 and the new one will be a keyfob not a charm and will be available the second week of sept and the only difference (besides the keyring instead of clip) is the stitching color is different
  11. I say if you missed out on the fob, get this! Whenever I wear mine on a bag, it is guarenteed to draw attention and get compliments!

    This will be the best $$$$ you will spend. :tup:
  12. How's that for enabling!!! :tup:
  13. Thanks for the info. Wish it was a charm, but I don't think I should pass on the keychain version!
  14. ummm.....I really want it but how do you think it will look on a chocolate siggy bag? darn....should've bought the khaki/black! :push:
  15. I'm sure you will be getting many more bags in the future.
    I think the skull looks hot with everything!