You can order the Legacy collection NOW!

  1. Hi All! In my haste to post about my book tote yesterday, I forgot to mention that I spoke to one of the SAs at King of Prussia who said you can order basically anything you want from the Legacy line and it will probably get to you within the week even though it's not scheduled to "drop" for another few weeks. He said that a woman ordered one of the bags earlier that week and got it 3 days later!

    I also looked at all the lines coming up and I'll give it mixed reviews. Some stuff I loved, some stuff I loved, but felt was too pricey, and then there were a couple I wasn't too impressed with, but there was a ton of stuff (and the stuff I loved, I really loved). And if anyone is like me and loved last year's Holiday patchwork, it looked like the outlets were going to be getting that in December (one of my students had that bag and that was the one that truly kicked off my current Coach obsession)!

    Just passing on the info . . .
  2. Interesting...thanks for the info. I'm wondering what they're doing with revival of the Cashin line.
  3. Oooh! Thanks.
  4. When is the line htiting the stores?
  5. aarti - if I recall correctly, I thought it was early October (I never did ask the SA after I got the book b/c my 4 year old was getting antsy, so I quickly flipped through and left).
  6. Did you see any new cute slim wallets?