You can only subscribe to one fashion mag -- which one?


Which magazine?

  1. Vogue

  2. Elle

  3. Harper's Bazaar

  4. Other (see comments)

  5. Vogue

  6. Elle

  7. Harper's Bazaar

  8. Other (see comments)

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. I'm thinking of getting a magazine subscription -- it's much cheaper and more convenient than buying individual issues. I already get The New Yorker and Entertainment Weekly, but I want something that is more fashion focused...

    If you had to pick one, would you choose:

    a) Vogue

    b) Elle

    c) Harper's Bazaar

    d) other?

    I am not interested in relationship advice or how to lose weight, etc articles. Just fashion, bags, clothes, beauty, with a few excellent articles and features thrown in. And I already subscribe to Lucky.
  2. lucky. it's the only purely fashion magazine that shows things that fit my lifestyle's (price range and practicality).

    ETA: (i missed the last sentance :shame:smile: since you already subscribe to lucky....vogue or W. they have the most pictures.
  3. I've subscribed to W for years and :heart: it.
  4. VOGUE has a lot of reading...that is if you want to get intensive notes on fashion, but I find Harper's Bazaar include more I'd rather keep the photos :p

    Vote: Harper's Bazaar
  5. Instyle..I just love it....mind you I get about 12 mags a month so its super hard to narrow down...I also love Elle...Vogue has beautiful pics but for everyday couture for me. Too many favs to choose from.
    (I will look in Vogue for evening outfits...and Town and Country)
  6. vogue, uk or french edition.
  7. I vote InStyle, too, for the reasons Sunshine gave. Vogue has long articles and the clothing isn't realistic for most people. My son can't live without his weekly New Yorker--he loves it.
  8. InStyle
  9. InStyle!
  10. Harper's bazaar.
  11. Lucky!
  12. I have a lot of mag subscriptions too but the ones I always renew w/out question are Instyle and Lucky. Agree with the other posters that Vogue has more text than maybe you're looking for, in which case, I would select Harper's Bazaar because they always have really good runway photos illustrating the latest trends.
  13. I love all designer magazines. It's a terrible addiction to constantly be looking for those gorgeous outfits, cute shoes, and hot bags. I was not able to choose one from the poll. I actually gave up buying them. Not easy.
  14. I think it depends on what you're looking for in the magazine itself ... in my opinion, Vogue is the most cutting edge, but other magazines like In Style are more useful for putting everyday outfits together. For me, Lucky magazine is a little too young (I think I'm out of their demographic!).
  15. vogue or instyle!