You can only pick 3 bags to use, which ones?

Mar 10, 2020
Even though I don't own them I would choose:
- Louis Vuitton palm springs
- Lady Dior size my lady dior
- Louis Vuitton alma bb

I would not really care if the bag loses value. And I would wear a non-branded tote bag for work!
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Jun 19, 2020
All are vintage- lightweight and extremely durable
LV Bucket GM monogram- simple, casual but structured, not common anymore
LV Alma PM monogram- classic, elegant, gift from my husband
LV Papillon 30 Damier Ebene- perfect size, versatile, different
Mar 31, 2009
All from my own collection:

Delvaux Tempete MM in black with gold hardware;
The Row Hunting 9 bag in pine for casual days when I don't need to carry a lot (sigh--sacrificing my Celine Box in navy here -- the Hunting bag is more comfortable to carry); and
Fendi Anna hobo in red when I need to carry a lot.


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Aug 27, 2011
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I would choose the following (all in my collection):
- Dior Mini Saddle Bag in Blue Oblique - the perfect small sized bag that can be dressed up or down.
- Loewe Medium Puzzle Bag in Tan/Gold - the perfect medium sized bag that is still compact - the perfect everyday bag
- Louis Vuitton Speedy 40B - the perfect large bag to tote everything around on those days - also doubles as the perfect gym bag.


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Mar 31, 2013
- Coach Cassie in Taupe. Smart but practical, great for shopping, running errands, and also the perfect size when I go to the office and carry my smallest laptop bag (in which I can't fit all of my things)
- DKNY Sofia in black quilted, shiny leather. This is the one I take with me when I CAN fit my necessities in my laptop bag/backpack/travel bag and I want to keep my wallet, phone, keys and maybe also passport handy. Also pretty for evening outings and formal situations and works as a clutch.
- This is a tie between 4 bags; navy Decadent Kylie crossbody (think H Evelyne), Coach Field Tote 40 Rocket print, black DKNY hobo (sorry, no pic yet) and Liebeskind Alita backpack in Taupe. All of these are bags I use almost every week and love all of them. I think Coach and DKNY really fight for the top spot because they are more roomy than Kylie and Alita, and I could never make up my mind between these two.
E5FB64B3-9C65-4387-B78B-DFF86ADC05D6.jpeg ED02BB70-6C24-4885-A5F4-4AF8384FBE5D.jpeg FA14878A-A063-465C-A53D-DA755230D15F.jpeg


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Aug 31, 2008
if I only had three:
hand carry: 30B Black barenia phw
Shoulder: 28 sellier kelly phw
Tote: goyard pm St Louis grey

if I needed to be practical (Light, durable, indestructible and except for number three, seasonally versatile)
35 Hermes etoupe Victoria
metallic BV hobo (light, durable, holds a lot, indestructible, can go four season)
summer: a 35 toile birkin (light, holds a lot, toile is durable)

for my imaginary life:
I love the Chanel reissue and I tend to wear my newest one more than the older ones (so black chevron mini), but i don’t actually wear any of them as much as Hermes.

honestly though, now that clutches are small, I could get by with just my BB kelly longue phw wallet; my keys on a lanyard; my cell and phone in cargo pants.
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Sep 15, 2019
I just started building my collection, but I keep in mind I want only 3 bags. I have ysl lou camera bag which I already love, I plan to buy toy loulou and speedy b or preloved Givenchy lucrezia (sadly not in production anymore) :idea:

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Jul 2, 2008
Only three bags is a minimalist mind experiment for me.
  • Chanel Reissue 226 - lightweight, day to night, dressy to casual, can wear it crossbody or on the shoulder (double strapped or single strapped), I have red and black, I choose black quilted calfskin with ruthenium hardware for this game
  • Hermes Bolide 31 - clean lines/classic shape, spacious day bag, can wear it on the shoulder with the strap or carry by the handle, mine is in etain clemence
  • Hermes Evelyne III PM (29) - casual crossbody, spacious, external pocket for easy cell phone access, the most frequently carried bag in my bag wardrobe, etoupe clemence, also the bag I carried today
That covers a shoulder bag, a hand held and a crossbody bag. My favourite and most frequently carried bags are versatile (in how I can carry them and what I can wear them with), have great leather, fit what I carry and fit my lifestyle.
B46408A0-EC82-42AA-AF1B-EDDE65188C13.jpeg D50D6E24-3D10-4494-AF3B-53956593D27D.jpeg 9C701BF1-848B-4277-8082-1BB39B24EE43.jpeg
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Nov 1, 2007
mostly at work
Huh, difficult question... I think from my collection I would choose:
1. Céline Micro Luggage in black
2. Louis Vuitton Speedy B Mon Monogram
3. Max Mara Marinm Bag in camel

Though realistically I probably would have to exchange one of those for the LV Neverfull MM Damier, because it is just so functional, even if I don`t like the tote shape that much.
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Jul 17, 2008
depending on lifestyle: a washable/wipeable tote for everyday, a handheld bag, (maybe with a chain so it can be tucked inside to use as a clutch) and a straw bag for summer. I don't think brands matter. a small crossbody is also useful if I could add a fourth...
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Nov 24, 2020
APC Demi lune (lightweight, fits a lot for a small bag, goes with almost anything! And crossbody)
Balenciaga city bag (lightweight, slouchy gorgeousness, fits a ton of stuff)
I have a white tote from Banana Republic bought a few years ago that is actually the most fantastic thing...
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