You can only keep 3 bags.

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  1. Let's say for some reason you could only keep 3 bags out of your entire collection.

    Which four would you pick? :smile:
  2. Hmmmm
    - Dalmatian pouhchette
    - Cherry Blossom Retro
    - Cerises Speedy
  3. 3 or 4? LOL!

    I'm just picking on ya!

    I only have about 3 so that's easy, I get to keep them all!
  4. I never said I could count!
  5. chloe paddy
    mc white lodge
    mono alma
  6. Chanel classic flap bag
    Judith Leiber evening bags
  7. First I would throw and tantrum and then after I calmed down I would pick:

    LV cerise speedy
    Chanel cambon small bucket
    Chole paddy
  8. I too only have about three, so I get to keep them ALL!
  9. Bottega Veneta Chocolate large woven hobo
    Chanel Medium Classic flap in Caviar black
    MJ Black stam
  10. What a cruel question for handbag addicts! :amuse:

    But if I could only have 3:

    -LV Damier bucket
    -MJ Carmen
    -IF Audra
  11. Oak Mulberry Roxanne
    Chocolate Mulberry phoebe
    lt. brown IF Metal of Honor

    and in case you really meant black Ellen Tracy Flap.
  12. 1. Duomo (cerises pochette stays inside, so i get a freebie, ha!)
    2. Popincourt Haut
    3. Coach Signature Satchel
  13. Speedy 25
    Damier Papillon 26
    Whiskey Paddy
  14. I would pick three really big bags and stuff the rest inside so no one would know.
  15. LOL I was trying to think of a good answer!!! This is not a fair question its like trying moving and having to leave my dog behind.

    LV papillon damier
    Coach suede bead tote in flint
    BV cosmetic/clutch