You can only get one show bag... the Dentelle Fersen or a Cloud bag? LONG

  1. This is really starting to get on my nerves because I thought I'd be done w/ LV after my denim bowlys. :sweatdrop:

    But thanks to the PF I started wanting a Fersen and went to look at it in person last night and a SA tried to talk me out of it saying that I should buy one of the Cloud bags instead because it was more timeless. That got me to thinking......

    Please give me your input. It seems that there is no middle ground on the Fersen. Some love, some hate it.

    This is very long buy I will try to make it easy to read by spacing out i paragraphs and bullets

    Please read my reasons for liking/disliking the bags and tell me if you agree or disagree

    I like the Fersen because:
    • The vachetta is already dark, don't have to baby it
    • Its a huge rooms bag that I can pack lots of junk inside
    • Its a show bag that I kow I won't see on the street everyday. I prefer to be somewhat different when I can :p
    I kinda don't like the Fersen because:
    • It is very busy. Some perceive this as tacky. Even an SA told me he thought it was a very tacky LV (Ilove him by the way. He's honest and never lies just to get a sale)
    • The chain is soooo bright an bold. Another perceive tacky detail by some. I can go either way on this. I think the chain makes the bag but it IS very bold.
    • Because its so busy I feel like I might not be able to wear with this bag with everything. I am not a blingy dresser. On workdays I live in A-line skirts and heels and off days jeans and thongs or jeans and heels
    I like the Cloud bags becasue:
    • They are soft and feminine looking. Very classy to me
    • They are show bags. Same as above about me preferring not to have a common bag all the time
    • The colors are beautiful and neutral. No problems wearing them w/ nearly everything. Not a "outfit specific bag" ---this is very important ot me if I am going to spend $2k-3k on a bag
    • Several different sytles to choose from and I love them all
    I kind of don't like the Cloud bag because:
    • its lambskin and its super delicate. One accident and the bag can be ruined. A $3k bag. Do i want to worry everytime i carry the bag? I am always careful but w/ a light lambskin bag you never know
    • Also on the care book I've researched and learned that they DO warn you against color transfer. One rub against the wrong jeans and those babies would be toast.
    • An SA tells me that this is not an everyday bag because it is so dleicate. And I don't wear any bag everyday because I have SOO many....but I don't wanna spend lots of $$$ on a bag to only pull it out an special occasions. (I do this w/ my Oskar and keep having to break myself of the habit)
    OK those are MY pros and cons. I would really really appreciate your opinions and how you feel about my reasons. This is the only place I can talk about this. One can only questions an SA for so long. LOL

    So this will strongly help my decision....PLUS if I get a Cloud bag I will have to hurry hurry. They are much more limited than the Fersen :heart:
  2. i am not into super busy pattern i will vote for the cloud...
  3. wow. you make a lot of good points. i think that the cloud bag is the right choice, because lambskin is not as delicate as it seems. my mom recently purchased a lambskin bag, and she doesnt exactly baby it. it has held up fine, and it looks just as new as the day she bought it, in january. the bag is black, however but the material itself is still holding strong.

    the cloud bag is more limited, and if you end up wanting it later, the prices will probably double when they hit eBay.
    the fersen is just a little too tacky IMO. good luck on whatever choice you make though
  4. I agree. I like the cloud better. It's so pretty and sooo classy.
  5. i love the cloud bags. :heart:
  6. Here is a pic of a PF'er w/ her Fersen (thanks Narkeasha) . I will find one of a cloud bag too

  7. Here is a pic of Cola w/ her cloud bag. Although i like the larger version of this. :yes:

  8. uhh..I like the Cloud bags alot better
  9. The cloud bags are pretty, but I love, love, love the Fersen. I'm wanting one now too, even though I have the Kirsten. I think the gold chain is gorgeous. Get it before I do. lol.
  10. CLOUD!
  11. I'd say the Cloud bag. For such a high price on both the bags, I think leather is the better deal. Lambskin really isn't as delicate as it seems. The Cloud is very different looking but doesn't scream "LV!"

    I personally don't like the Fersen and think it would be hard to pull off everyday. Although all the ladies who have one and have shown them on TPF look great with them! But it's personally not my style. The Cloud is much more classic, I think, and you can use it the rest of your life. The Fersen is more trendy, I think. The Fersen seems reminiscent of different bags that are very popular right now. Such as the Marc Jacobs Stam with the big chain. I think it is a little tacky. But that's just my personal opinion. Good luck with your choice!
  12. Gee, I'm on the fence with both bags. I don't like either. You bring strong pro and con points to the table. I think the Fersen is flashy and the cloud bags are too delicate. For these two reasons alone I would not attempt to chose one over the other. I'd save my pennies for another rainy day. New bags are always on the horizon.

    If you really need to have one, I'd say chose a cloud bag. They are prettier.
  13. The Fersen is too busy for me. I love the Cloud! It's timeless and neutral.
  14. The cloud bag is just beautiful. That would be my choice, no doubt.
  15. I have a dior lambskin bag & I do feel like I really have to baby it, so I barely use it but it is smooth the cloud bags seem crinkly so they should be easier. I can't really put my finger on it but there is something I don't like about the cloud bags.

    I adore the dentelle at first I didn't think I would but irl it is stunning I feel the gold is a little busy but the silver is amazing I love the detail in the embroidery & I don't think the chain is to blingy it blends well with the bag. I think the dentelle will really become a vuitton classic because it is a variation on monogram.

    that's my opinion on the bags, hope I didn't upset anyone.

    usually i'd say go with the more limited bags but I think if you want to get the fersten later it will be pricey