You can only get one Bolide, would you get Black or Gold?

  1. Let's say you were thinking of getting a Bolide 31. If you can only get one bag, and you've narrowed it down to basic black or gold, which color would you get? Everyone's opinion is welcome!! Thanks!! :flowers:
  2. In a bolide, definately gold.
  3. I like the idea of a black one and you can make it pop with twillies, etc.

    bolides are good to really get alot of use out of....and with gold....its a great neutral but I get worried since its light...about the handles.....and getting marks on it, etc when you bump.

    the black you can bang up alot before you see any wear.
  4. I would choose gold allthough I saw a gorgeous black one just today.
  5. IMO, it would depend on when you are wearing it, and with what. In the summer, you can wear black with lighter colors by wearing a scarf with a touch of black. Gold, on the other hand, might look a little too lightweight in the dead of winter, with a bulky black overcoat. If you had a lighter colored coat it would probably look great.
  6. Black because it's timeless and it goes with anything!
  7. i would love to have a gold one. it shows the beautiful outlines and shape of the bolide!

    but a black one is not that bad either! i'll take either one!
  8. Black. I saw a lady in line at the bank a few weeks ago with a gorgeous black Bolide. In a pair of jeans, flats and a white shirt she looked completely chic.

    Black would be my choice, too.
  9. Gold. A Bolide in gold is just gorgeous.
  10. I think it depends on what your coloring and palette are. For instance, if you have dark hair, pale skin and wear cool colors, I'd go with black. If you are blond and tend to wear a lot of warm hues, then gold.
  11. GOLD darling you know it is super with blue jeans or a suit..and for every season!
  12. I won't be of any assistance as I love them in any color they come in!

    Gold with Gold (which I have) is just as yummy as can be. I actually like to wear it with black outfits for the contrast (black). With palladium, it is more casual still...

    And, Black's fab, too!

    ETA: If I could only have ONE

    All I know is that you will LOVE your Bolide!
  13. gold without question.
  14. Gold..and I wouldn't worry about darkening. I have a gold bag...that I've had 6 years. Wear it tons, and no sign of darkening.
  15. Also, what kind of Bolide are we talking about? Soft? Rigide? A black rigide bag would be my preference over a gold one, but in a softer leather, I might prefer the gold one...