You CAN get MJ Bags Fixed that are Older than 18 Months! Look!!!

  1. Hi everyone. I just wanted to update you on my experience with Moda Express. I took my small mp to Bloomingdales In August for them to send off to the MJ repair center. There was a piece of leather that attaches the ring to the bag which looked like it was cracking. I asked where they send the bags and the SA looked it up in her book and said "Moda Express in Secaucus NJ". My bag is two+ years old and I remembered on this post that they only repair bags 18 months and newer. The SA said there may be a charge for the repair, but that Moda Express would contact me directly before they did anything to the bag to make sure I would accept the charge. Well, OK, that's fine, I knew it had to be fixed, so if I need to pay, then I need to pay! That was on August 8th that I dropped it off. I received a box from Moda Express yesterday from Fed Ex with my bag in it. No contact or phone call from them, and guess what, NO CHARGE TO ME! It was FREE!!! The bag looks brand new! They packaged it beautifully, and stuffed it with paper filler. They cleaned it inside and out, and fixed the leather on the area next to the handle which was coming undone. They also buffed all the hardware so there are absolutely no scratches on any of the hardware! It is amazing! A VERY long wait, but it looks incredible! So, maybe when you contacted them directly they say they only cover the repairs up to 18 months old. My advice would be to take it to your local retailer who carries MJ and let them send it off for you. Oh, and by the way, I got my bag on eBay, NOT from Bloomingdales~ the SA didn't even ask me. I just had to fill out a form with all my contact info and they sent it off for me.
    I just wanted to share this experience with all of you, because I too, have always read and heard they only fix bags that are 18 months old and newer.
    So, go for it, ladies with the broken bags!!!!
  2. Woohoo!! That's great!! I'm glad they fixed it with no questions asked. Congrats! What style bag was it, may I ask?
  3. It is a small MP. The leather that attaches the ring to the bag on one side was starting to crack a little. I was afraid if I let it go it may eventually rip all the way through. So now it is perfect, and good as new!
  4. Wow that's great! Thanks for info, that's really great to know. Congrats that you got your bag fixed!! :tup:

  5. Honestly, It looks incredible. The bag looks brand new! I don't know what they use on the leather, but it looks new. Then to buff all the hardware! There is not a scratch anywhere!
  6. Great news.
    Please post pics, before and after if you can :smile:

  7. uuuuh, I didn't take any pix before. Never thought of it; it probably would have been smart though.
  8. Great deal, nothing like getting a "new" bag!
  9. Fantastic deal!!
  10. wow, that's great!!

    post pics please!