You CAN Get Gerard Darel in the US!!!!

  1. Ladies, I promised you I would let you know if I succeeded in getting a periwinkle blue Gerard Darel Charlotte 24. Persistence pays off!!

    Bergdorf Goodman in NY has the blue. They also have white, black, and chocolate brown.

    I also spoke at great length today to Holt Renfrew in Canada. The store in Calgary ships to the US; the others I spoke to (Toronto, Ottawa) said they do not. Of course Calgary had no bags and the others did. BUT the very nice SA I spoke with in Calgary said that the other Holt Renfrews could ship merchandise to HER and then she would ship to the US.

    So, ladies, I hope I helped you out some. I will post a pic when my new GD shows up. I'm so excited!!!! :biggrin: :biggrin:
  2. I forgot to give you phone numbers:

    Bergdorf Goodman NY 212-753-7300
    Holt Renfrew Calgary 403-269-7341
    Holt Renfrew Toronto 416-621-9900
    Holt Renfrew Ottawa 613-238-2200
  3. Wow, good on you for persisting in your search!

    I was lucky enough to get one of the periwinkle ones from the Calgary Holt Renfrew (after having it transferred to my Edmonton location) but even then it was like pulling teeth trying to call different locations to track down the right color, etc. Some of the SAs i spoke with seemed disinterested simply because they were unfamiliar with the brand too... :Push: argh...

    Anyway, hope you enjoy your new bag!! :biggrin:
    And definetely post pics!!
  4. You found the periwinkle! That's great, congrats!
  5. I just was look at a really pretty GD in the NM catalog I just got!
  6. Congrats! I'm so glad you found the blue!

    I got my camel one from BG a couple months ago - it's one of my favorite bags!
  7. congrats on ur new bag.. post pics when u get it..
  8. How much was the bag??
  9. Thanks for your help!! This is good news.
  10. MissV, the bag was $395. That's more expensive, I think, than it is in Europe. Also more expensive than the black versions I found in the US, which ranged from $310 to $340. Holt Renfrew quoted $395 Canadian, which is around $358 US. Sound cheaper, but by the time you add postage and duty, it's probably even a little more. I hope it's worth it. This is the first bag I've bought sight unseen -- just got tired of drooling over everyone else's pictures. Hope this helps.
  11. Congrats, Kathy K, on getting the periwinkle! I saw the bags at BG two weeks ago and that color in particular caught my eye :graucho: :love: They also had the black, choc brown and white patent. Please post pics as soon as you receive it!
  12. Thanks, BooYah. Since I've never actually seen this handbag in any color, this purchase makes me somewhat nervous. My husband thinks I'm utterly nuts for buying a purse I've never seen, and is particularly befuddled about why on earth any rational human requires a blue one. He's undoubtedly correct, at least in terms of buying a purse I haven't seen, but don't tell him I said so. :amuse: In the meantime, I hope that some of the info I posted will help other frustrated yankees find one.

    BTW, the new GD fall colors will hit the stores in July, so we can start obsessing all over again!

    Here's hoping Bergdorf mails things promptly. The SA asked if I was in a hurry, I said no, and she hung up. Now I'm wondering what THAT means. Ah well.
  13. The color i think is beautiful, yet soft on the eyes IMO. I loved it as soon as I saw it but I am trying to be a good girl these days :yes: If it doesn't appeal to you when you receive it, at least you can return it with no problems.

    Yes, do you happen to have any ideas on the fall colors being released? (That was funny, although not surprising about the BG SA:shocked: ) I have no GD bag in my collection and may want to get one down the road.
  14. BooYah, are you in the US? If so, you can talk to Marta at Isabella, the US distributor for GD. Her e-mail address is, and she has a sketchbook with the colors for fall. I know there is a blue -- she says it is more of a periwinkle than the current blue. I didn't ask what other colors they plan. She said that if we contact her in early July, she can tell us what has shipped to the US and where we can get it.
  15. $395 is not bad. I paid $425 for mine.. Ouch.