You can call him doctor...

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  1. So ladies,
    This is quite a story, but there is a lesson to be learned.
    It started out, with a pair of pink sequin Manolo Blahniks that I have wanted for over a year. A pair finally came on ebay, I snatched them up... the only problem is they had huge red marks like....
  2. they arrived, I was so delighted to see them, but the marks made me so sad... how COULD someone draw on a Manolo?
  3. My boyfriend took over, he said he would fix them... sooo... he experimented with a few different things and this is how it started...
  4. followed by:
  5. Final product...
    by: my fabulous boyfriend the manolo dr! :love:

  6. Amazing! What did he use??
  7. Nice job! What a great boyfriend you have.

    Nice granite too, I have the same stuff in my kitchen! LOL!
  8. Nail polish remover and a blow drier - a few applications and dries to each shoe! Worked amazing! I was flipping out in the background as he applied the nail polish remover to my beloved manolo LOL!
  9. Thank you - great minds think alike! you must have great taste ;)
  10. That was sweet of him to do - beautiful shoes!
  11. Im glad your BF was able to remove it. I honestly don't know why sellers do that. Some do it to prevent store returns but if it were me, i could care less what a buyer does once I have sold something.
  12. Your BF did a great job! Hot shoes! :tup:
  13. Thank you ladies.
    I am so glad he was able to do something about the X's - they looked awful, you could see them even when the shoe was being worn... taccckkky.
    Glad I made these work!
  14. Yay! Your bf is a great doc indeed!:king: Now you can truly enjoy these amazing Manolos!:drinks:
  15. Dr. Wonderful!:yahoo:
    I'm so glad that BF was able to get rid of the red line!
    They look great!
    BTW I have the same granite in my kitchen as well.