You Call THAT a Knife?

  1. You Call That A Knife?

    A Florida convenience store heist attempt features dueling machetes

    NOVEMBER 15--In a Crocodile Dundee-like moment, a Florida convenience store clerk repelled a machete-wielding robber by pulling out her own machete from behind the store's counter, a faceoff captured by a store surveillance camera. On Tuesday, a man wearing a blue sweatshirt and baggy jeans approached the counter of the Lil' Saints store in Stuart and pulled the weapon from his pants. After he moved away from the counter for a moment, clerk Guillermina Sanchez, 46, grabbed her machete from under the cash register. After a 20-second standoff (during which time the man frantically pressed keys on the register in a bid to open it), the robber left the business. Detectives believe the suspect in the November 13 incident was also behind a mid-October robbery at the store which netted him about $500.


    YouTube - You Call That a Knife? THIS is a Knife!
  2. Good for her. :yes:

    More to the point, what's with all the ridiculous comments, on there, about the other girl? As if none of them have ever seen an averagely attractive looking woman before. :blink:

    Talk about desperate! :rolleyes: :lol:
  3. Wow!
  4. Wow.
  5. whoa!
  6. Wow!!!
  7. I loved how calm she looked when she took out her weapon. Like, "I guess I have to use this . . . "
  8. OMG that gives new meaning to 'mine is bigger than yours'
  9. My mom and dad told me about this when it was on the news in Florida... kinda funny to see- but good for her!