You by Crocs

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  1. So I know there has been a lot of debate here about whether or not we can enjoy the comfiness of crocs even if it means dealing the unbearable ugliness of crocs. Apparently the manufacturers have heard us and are putting out a line this fall of more "fashion friendly" shoes called "YOU by Crocs." After viewing the line, my basic impression is that they aren't ugly but they are kind of boring. I will probably give in and buy a pair or two to wear to work after a particularly tough dance class the night before or when my blister/infection prone feet are screaming at me for a brief repose from the business shoe torture to which I usually subject them. It will probably come down to pricing for me since I can't see myself shelling out a lot for these. The rumors I have heard are $150-$300 and that seems a bit much for what they are. I'd rather spend that amount on Cole Haan's air series. Anyone else have thoughts?

    Some examples (I think they look best in black but there were no images of the black that I could figure out how to copy - you can see them on the site above) :

  2. They are way better than women walking around in shoes made for the toddler set. They would be good for snow days.
  3. Won't be available for purchase until Sept of 07.

    I like the maryjane styles and would be perfect work, but i guess i'm still "iffy" about these shoes...maybe when they actually hit stores i will decide then :shrugs:
  4. i actually like the tall boots. if they're just as comfy as crocs, sign me up.
  5. I don't love them, but I don't feel distain towards them either. I doubt I'd wear them, but for those who do like crocs, but all means those are the most fantastic thing ever considering the original product...
  6. Not a fan....Yuck
  7. not for me :s
  8. Not my style, but hey, if they're comfortable and you like them, why not? Wouldn't shell out $150+ for those shoes though...
  9. not floatin' my boat but I wouldn't rule it out either!

    I have a pair of bright pink mary jane style crocs from my SIL and while they are super comfy I am not brave enough to go run errands with them yet. right now they are my taking out the garbage shoes, LOL.
  10. ^^ LOL pursegrrl! I have "getting the mail" shoes instead of "taking out the trash" shoes!
  11. They look like normal shoes, acceptable to wear outside. It's the crocs that were meant for gardening worn otherwise that some ppl take offense to.

    I nearly gave my BF a nervous breakdown this July 4th when I suggested I was going to purchase a pair of crocs and wear them outdoors. We had been walking around the entire day, from one Expo to another with his family and my 100mm jeweled Manolos were NOT made for such travel. Then, it started to rain. There was NO WAY IN HELL I was getting my precious jeweled Mannies wet AND dirty, so we stopped at a Target and BF picked up a pair of flipflops for me to wear running to and from the car. In his world, flipflops are JUST shy of acceptable outdoor wear, but Crocs would have been the death of him. LOL
  12. Ooops yeah I wear them for that too, LOL! :p
  13. I use them as work galoshes--if they get wet, they dry very quickly. That way, no worries about ruining nice shoes in a wet parking lot!!
  14. I guess the boots look ok..but not my style. Not a fan of the colour of the heels on the red shoes
  15. I dont hate them as much as regular crocs, but they still look cheap and plastic-y and like maybe something a 9 year old should be wearing? :yucky: