You buy, you pay, but seller is NARU'd!

  1. I have had this happen several times lately. I won an item, it was on the "My eBay" page, and then I noticed it had disappeared and the listing was removed, and the seller was no longer a registered user. I paid by Paypal, what should I do? I can't get my money back if the seller doesn't have it in their account.
  2. I've filed a paypal claim, but does anyone have additional suggestions?
  3. i think you might have to contact eBay too...but i think paypal should be able to help you but im not 100% sure. Maybe someone else will know more.
  4. 1) Do you have the contact details of the seller which have been send by eBay after auction's end? Contact the seller - try to get a scan of a shipping receipt for your item.
    2) If you don't get a response within two days contact Paypal and open a dispute/claim.
    3) Contact Ebay on the same day about the Help/Contact us/Buying and Selling/Problems with sellers or Bidding and buying.