You buy from eBay and I buy from you?

  1. Well, I'm insanely terrified of eBay and opening a PayPal account, but eBay has such great deals sometimes! So I was wondering if any of you have ever worked out a deal with a fellow PF member where one would buy something off eBay for you and then you'd pay them back for it + shipping costs?

    I know some ladies have offered to pick up things from the boutique for others and then send it to them, but would you ever consider a set up like this? Do you think that's a bit much to ask especially after all the frustration surrounding eBay these days?
  2. well.. that person better be your best best best friend to take such risk for you.

    I just won't do it for anyone. I don't see why i should take the risk of buying stuff off ebay for someone else and not get anything out of it? It makes a difference if i charge the other buyer a couple of hundred bucks for my risk taking and effort.
  3. True, there is so much risk involved, ugh! That's why I'm terrified of buying anything online X_x After all the horror stories, I'm completely paranoid.
  4. It might make things too complicated.
  5. Well putting in sort of blundt, Oh hell no! LOL As if ebay isnt bad enough just trying to purchase something for myself, and then hope to god the person on the forum still wants it. Dealing with ebay shipping, fees, feeback etc. No way Jose! Sorry maybe someone else will think a little more positively than me.
  6. Lol! Hadn't thought of that. That'd be horrible! Having to go through such a nightmare then have the person you're getting it for go, "Oh. I change my mind." $^@&*$!*($*!! I'd be pissed, lol.
  7. I agree with ranskimmie.

    Just too risky. :weird:
  8. I agree with the others. It would have to be for a family member or very good friend. Buying for yourself is enough of a PITA. :sad2:
  9. I risky and complicated

    Open up a paypal account even if you dont shop on e-bay all the time. it really comes in handy!

    some of the ladies here use paypal and its so much quicker to pay them that way than with money order (if theyre set up as well)....
  10. I agree, and let's not forget that buying direct works for millions of people every year.

    Sure, you will read the occasional horror story but 90% of them are about the sellers/buyers on e-Bay, and unless the site allocated one full-time moderator to inspect every dozen or so members/auctions, and equipped the mods with a whole lot of training in spotting fakes, they couldn't really keep their listings totally clean of dodgy sellers.

    That would cost A Lot of money! :amazed:

    E-Bay's free to browse and I've never had a page-not-available message even during what must be their busiest times, so they must eat up an enormous amount of bandwidth. I don't expect any more of them than that really, so long as everyone knows it really is buyer beware when buying bags.

    It is what it is - a place where anyone can buy or sell, but to my mind it's not e-Bay's fault there are dodgy sellers & buyers, and I've had way more positive experiences there than neg, including a seller who sent an item to the wrong address but refunded me fair and square. :love:

    I've got a PayPal acc there and really, so far (touches wood!) it's been fine. ;)

  11. Hi Abandoned,

    While I'm sorry to say that I'm too risk averse (and lazy!) to do ebay for someone else, it really isn't a whole lot different from getting something from a botique, so I don't think you were out of line to suggest it:smile:

    I do think, however, that you should just sign up yourself! It's really NOT that bad. FAKES seem to be the biggest problem. But the logistics of signing up and stuff aren't bad...and paypal actually helps to protect you if you do end up getting ripped off.

    I'm still scared to spend more than $1-200 on ebay, cause I'd be horrified if I ended up with a $1000 fake. But for smaller stuff, or from someone you really trust, it can be really fun!!

  12. You say that, about them not being able to have enough moderators, but it's amazing how quick-off-the-draw they are to cancel auctions which contravene their own (self-serving) rules.

    Last Autumn, I got sick of the number of sellers who were selling LFA Nomad boots for way over retail, by falsely saying they were sold-out. So I set up an auction (non-profit making), where I directed people to an LFA authorised online store, where they could buy the boots at normal retail price.

    Within 2 days, eBay had ended my auction early; because it was directing people to buy outside eBay. Even though this was an authorised retailer of LFA!!! :amazed:

    They didn't care at all about the people who were being duped into buying boots at 2x (or more) retail, when they were still available in stores. Even though they did not have the excuse of not knowing, because I had told them in my auction!

    Not one of the fraudulent auctions was stopped! :evil:

    The only reason they stopped my auction, is because they weren't going to make as much money - either from my auction, or from the other rip-off auctions, which were failing because of mine! :mad:
  13. even with all of the obnoxiousness of ebay, i still find it worth it. i save a lot of money, i make alot of money. even with the random jerks i deal with.
  14. Ditto !! eBay is not so bad if you know how to play their game. But with that being said, I'd rather sell through the forum since it doesn't charge me fees even if it doesn't sell, and I always know what it'll be going to another bag lover ! ;)

    I think some people would be willing to set up personal shopping via eBay, but since there is extra leg work involved, I would see it involving some sort of premium for that service.
  15. If I were to put the time and effort in to research an auction and go throuh the hassle of buying chanel on ebay, I would want to get paid for my time, plus I would insist the person who wanted the bag in the first place paid me BEFORE I paid the seller on ebay, since if the buyer pulled out I would be down a few hundred or thousand $'s and stuck with a very expensive bag I didn't want!!

    I would only do it for free for my closest friend or a family member!!