You Bought It Full Price And Then......

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  1. you see it marked down so much it hurts but it's too late to get a refund etc. So let's say you buy a Marc Jacobs bag at Nordstrom and then a month later you see it on their sale table(marked down a lot) tossed in with other designer bags. Do you get angry that you paid full price?
  2. Yes, that hurts. I feel like kicking myself when that happens.
  3. Yes, it's SOOOOOOOO painful!
  4. It's happened to me before and I got really really [​IMG]
  5. Yes - I HATE that!!!!!
  6. You bet, that's why I sticked with LV. :P

  7. One time, I bought a suit and wanted to return it (at Macy's). But decided to scan it and see if it went on sale. It did...serious discount. So, I asked if I could return and rebuy. She said no. Then I asked why? The SA said they don't put it back on the floor, they send it out. I don't know if she was lying. After I returned I went to look for it out on the floor. Of course it was not there in my size. Stupid!
  8. It's annoying when that happens, but I would rather buy something for full price when I see it. That way I don't have to worry about it selling out and then regret not buying it.
  9. Here is what you do. Buy the cheaper one. Return the new one with the old reciept. If its within a month. I wouldnt do this after a year or something like that.

  10. If I only bought it a month or so ago, yes it ticks me off. On the other hand, if it doesn't go on sale until like 6 months later then it doesn't bother me as much because I've been using it and enjoying it for quite awhile.
  11. ditto...if it had been awhile, it softens the blow somewhat. slight twinge rather han the more gutwrenching @#$%! that i feel when i find it marked down a week later!
  12. I hate it more when I'm waiting and waiting for something I really want to go on sale and then it sells out and is no longer available.
  13. Just a thought...I would becareful doing something like that, especially at Nordstrom, because each item has a sticker with a specific item number tying it to the receipt. So the new item may not match the item number on your old receipt.
  14. Can you get a price adjustment? Usually if it's within a month or so, they'll do it.
  15. YES!! This always happened to me with Coach stuff. I would pay retail at the Coach store and see it on eBay a month or two later for less than 1/2! Ever since then I've learned to only buy stuff I really liked at the Coach store and save the rest for eBay. (There are no outlets in Canada unfortunately :sad:)