You bought any bag/bags recently that you just can't wait to carry?

  1. I just ordered a cole haan. I been eyeing it for while but since the color is light so I wasn't sure. However, it went on sale at Saks so I was like yey!!!!:biggrin: I really like the look of it and now I can't wait to be able to carry it soon! What about you? You ordered any bags lately that you can't wait to use?I am sure you all do!:flowers:
  2. congrats! any pics?
  3. No...I ordered it online still waiting....:hrmm: but I will post pic when I get it!:yes:
  4. I'm like that with every bag. If I buy it at a store I usually use it the next day. If I buy it online I drive everyone crazy talking about it until it comes. The worst was my Chloe Paddington from NAP it took like 2 weeks for me to get it and the wait almost killed me.
  5. Congrats on the paddy I wanna one too! I love the paddy too:heart:
  6. Same here!!! Mine is not fancy brand but just so cute!!! Let's both for our bags to come:yes:
  7. Congrats to you! I know what you mean .... I have two new Bbags, one in white and one in pale rose and a Gucci bag with off white trim that I haven't used yet. I can't wait for summer to get here so I can bring them babies out!
  8. i cant wait to get my chanel cambon bag! very exciting!!! cant wait to get her and use here!
  9. Ahhh I saw the new coaches the other day they are pretty !
  10. HelenNZ I am so happy for you congrats on your Chanel!:flowers:
  11. I know's just ...I can't wait to see it and use it too:shame: Mine should be here someday next week. :nuts:
  12. Congrats! I like summer because I can wear light color outfits and I love white bags!
  13. i've got too many bags recently, don't know what to use first!