You BIN, then pay straight away...then the seller ships like a snail!!

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  1. :cursing:.....GGRRR! Need to vent!!!

    I bought a bag from US eBay on July the 7th. I used the BIN option and paid straight away.
    The seller emailed me to say thanks etc. and that they would ship 'tomorrow'. I emailed then to say that it would be helpful if they could sent me the tracking number so I could check if I would be getting charged customs or not. Then I get an email on the 12th (!!!!) saying that my bag was being shipped that day....5 days later! No sign of the tracking number though. I emailed again to ask for it, but my inbox is still empty.
    The seller is advertised as a 'powerseller' too.

    Surely if a buyer pays immediately, then shipping the item within 2 days is the decent thing to do.
    I always try to post the items I sell out the next day...

    Anyway..rant over!
  2. Thats brutal as a "powerseller" you should be on top of everything and ship things right away. This happened to me once before to. I hate waiting a month to receive an item especially since every time i ship something it manages to get there quickley.
  3. That is so frustrating and unacceptable in my eBay book. I completely understand that sometimes 'life happens' and can delay things, but I always take a moment to send a 'sorry for the hold up' explanation message if there is going to be more than a 48 hour wait. I think I would be inclined to increase the emails until a tracking number is delivered...whilst remaining polite, of course!
  4. sometimes i hate powersellers. a lot of the time they have so much business that they don't bother getting in touch with individual clients just to confirmed something did ship/is about to ship, and that annoys me.

    i do BIN on some vic's pink stuff sometimes from a particular seller, and they do take awhile to ship out, but i'm never putting up a ton of money (like i would with a bag), so i never get that mad. as long as it gets to me!
  5. Sorry. That stinks. The same thing has happened to me as well. It's rude. I always keep the buyer apprised. Sometimes family things get in the way, but communication is key.
    Try to be patient though. I'm sure it's on it's way to you! Hey, was it a KOOBA!!!?? :yahoo:
  6. I know what you mean. Theres a Coach bag I want on eBay and the seller expects payment with in 12 hours via PayPal, and then she says in the auction she ships with 7 days of payment received. If I pay right away, I expect the bag to be shipped right away.
  7. Geez, that's annoying!

    As a seller though, I don't like when people take 5 days to pay me, then want it the next day. It's annoying. However, since you were so prompt in paying, the seller should be more prompt in shipping it out!
  8. That is the same PS who will show up on the eBay purse board complaining about her stars and the hits they are taking claiming unreasonable buyers!

    I don't get it!
  9. Just wonder if she's out of city or got any delay in shipping?
  10. wow, that blows, if i pay for something immediately, i want it quick too. if she is out of town, she should send a courtesy email. i typically send things out the same day or the next morning. i know it's hard to wait because it's exciting. i tend to get worried after about 5 days only because i pay for priority shipping. neutral FB will be left.
  11. ITA! My other eBay peeve is submitting feedback when item arrives and then waiting a month for Seller to reciprocate. My "Favorite Sellers" list is solely comprised of people I won't do business with again. :nogood:
  12. This just happened to me tooo and it's sooooo frustrating!! I had to track my seller down and then she had the nerve to send a not so nice reply......I paid fast and I want my stuff!!!! :cursing:

  13. Phew...I see that Im not the only one who is bugged by this.
    I have sent my 4th email, requesting the tracking number this morning and still nothing.
    Im getting concerned as originally the seller said that I would be notified through a paypal email, saying that the item had shipped and the tracking details should have been on that.
    I had no paypal email. I emailed the seller twice before she told me the bag had shipped. Plus, when she emailed to say she had sent it, I was online and emailed back within 30 seconds to ask for the tracking number...and then nothing.
    I have never left a netural or negative feedback yet (currently around 150 transactions). If I wasnt happy I dont leave any feedback at all, but this may have to be my first!:cursing:
  14. What's worse if you not only pay immediately and you select to pay the higher priority 2-day shipping over 7-day ground...then they send out a week later. Hello? I guess it means you'll get it 10 days later as opposed to two weeks.
  15. some sellers are up front about when they ship- ie they says i only ship once a week or mondays or fridays. i ship within 24 hours of payment and my tos say that. i have to say though- sometimes it kills me when i'm at the po every single day for a week. i am often tempted to change my tos.

    that being said we are nothing if not our word. so if she said it would be out "tomorrow" i would expect that it would be. and if she waited to ship that stinks.

    i too depend on pp to email the buyers with tracking numbers. i do tell my buyers sometimes if they don't get the email by xx time to let me know and i will give them the number. it's odd because i ALWAYS get the pp emails when people ship through there but my buyers often do not. maybe it goes to a spam file?

    if the seller was out of town or waiting for someone else to ship it it is IMO their responsibilty to tell you that and inexcuseable if they don't. anytime i have ever been out of town i put my listings on vacation and often still check them and will email buyers "i am out of town until xxx, will ship xxx, hope this is ok." it's common curtosey and good business.

    i'm a powerseller but i dont think that has anything to do with anything. someone who sells 1 bag for 1k will be a powerseller just the same as someone who sells 100 things a month for 10 dollars. it's based on the amount of money the things you've sold have sold for, not experience.