You best or worst DH / LV story.

  1. Pippi's DH thread got me thinking. So many of us have trained our DHs...

    To put up with our bag obssesions, appreciate as we do, and think when we spend less than $600 on a bag they got away pretty easy...

    Give us your best / worst DH stories.

    Don't know if it's the best, but most recent...DH came home saying his brother was amazed...his wife had bought their mom a coach, and it was almost 300!!! DH told him, "You cheapskate, I think the one we got her a couple of Christmases ago was like 1500" * Best part he was laughing the whole time. He was laughing so hard while he was telling the story (it was longer) he had tears coming out of his eyes.

    *he was pretty close, we got her the multipli-cite
  2. He called someone a cheapskate for spending $300 on another purse. Wasn't that a tad insulting/rude?
  3. ^ ditto
  4. LOL, sounds that way, but actually good natured brotherly ribbing.

    Plus my in laws are overly generous, so while there is no way we can reciprocate, we try hard to give them nice things we think they will enjoy.
  5. oh brother.....I got ya :smile: brotherly love is always good.
  6. I bet that commnet would of totally made someone mad but I bet its b/c their brothers....guys loves to rag on other guy thing....

    My DH bought me the first LV...He took me to the Beverly Center mall saying, lets just look....then he bought one with matching accessories. I was totally like :confused1: :nuts: :yahoo: :shame: :love:
  7. bagluvuv i absolutely love your expressions...i actually Laughed Out Loud hahaha