You asked for it :)

  1. Go take a look at the Hermes Shopping subforum.

    There is now a Master list of Resellers, which includes brick and mortar and online stores. This is a reference only thread:

    Please use this thread
    to discuss your experiences (both good and bad) with various sellers, inventory and anything else that is relevant. Remember, the less chatter the easier it will be to navigate through the thread.

    If you want to have a seller added to the Master list, please just post it in the Discussion thread and one of the mods will add it accordingly.

    Thank you! Hope this makes your shopping experience that much easier!:flowers:
  2. Awesome, awesome jag!!!! This is extremely helpful! Woohoo!! :yahoo:
  3. I wanted to thank you, I am on the hunt for a tan 32 cm kelly so your timing is excellent. Thanks, Jag.
  4. Good I am glad you like it! Of course, don't hesitate to post comments or suggestions!
  5. Awesome addition, thanks so much for putting it up!
  6. Oh GREAT, Jag.....just the thing for Shopmom now that I'm on a shopping HIATUS!!!!!

    oh lordy.....well........let me just take a look......
  7. Wow, wow, wow! Thank you, JAG! It's perfect.....:flowers:
  8. We should also give a shout out to Japster and whoever else contributed to the main information in those pages. Thank you for all of your priceless info!

    Keep it coming ladies!!!
  9. Oh Jag you are a star - although you are encouraging Shopmom, and she in turn urges me on! Great resources, thank you.
  10. LOL!!! We are all a bunch of enablers! I love it!
  11. Fabulous! Thanks!