YOU as a South Park character!

  1. This is great, thanks for posting, Aslan! I LOVE SP!!! Here's me...LOL!!
    Kho South Park-ized.jpg
  2. HEHE, this is me! My friend always makes fun of me cuz I'm pretty much always wearing camo.

  3. :yes:
  4. ^^LOL AnimalCrackers - yours is too funny!:p
  5. I did it but mine was too scary to post...ROFL!
  6. I like my angry eyes.

  7. i have my character done just cant seem save it i followed the instrucions for saving but not working did any1 have similar problem
  8. I saved mine by taking a screen capture and coverting it into a JPEG.

    I actually did this one a long time ago.
  9. :nuts: This one looks exactly like me!!!
  10. Mine looks like me too!!
  11. I tried pressing the Print key and that didn't work. I then tried the Print Screen Key ( reads PRTSCN on computer) that worked.

    I pasted it in Word. Now I can't figure out how to cut my character out. Did anyone paste in word or should I use another program?
  12. ^wordpast, try pasting it to MS Paint or a similar program, and then you can cut/crop...

    Here's me - this is what I pretty much look like every day going in to work.

    SP Character a.JPG
  13. :lol: mine looks a bit... nuts..!

  14. mine kinda looks like me... he he