You Are What You Wear -II

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  1. #1 Jan 30, 2009
    Last edited: Jan 30, 2009
    ...I had prepared a nice long speech to kick off this new thread. then i thought to myself, people tend to lose their patience when they read a long post, just like myself.

    i get frustrated when i open some threads where i can't find one single picture within 5 pages. :shrugs:
    So, a major change to this new thread will be Less Talk, More Pictures.

    if some of you recall the Peter Som sweater dress I just ordered this week, and it arrived today. I like it in person, very intrigue details. I thought i would pair my new chanel tote with this dress, but it turned out the below two bags went better with it

    ->introducing Peter Som's dress w/ flash and w/o flash->

    option 1: with sunset orange LV tote and YSL two tone pumps


    Option 2: with a white Fendi satchel and same YSL two tone pumps
    i think a white chanel flap would be even better;but i dont have one...yet


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  2. ...for the chanel tote, i found this dress to debut her.
    modeling pictures for both outfits will follow tomorrow, stay tuned. thank you!




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  3. Hi Steffe! I am the first one reading Part II right ? Yeahhhh

    I think the gorgeous Peter Som will look smashing with the white Fendi boxy - due to the zig zag texture of the bag. I love this !

    When did you purchase the Fendi ? I did not see it last season.
  4. Are you gonna wear my pick tomorrow, it's weekend though, would be so chic with white or blue wrap around leather platform...
  5. I will contribute some pics tmrw, if it sunny , It's so exciting when we reopen the thread again, new Year, new Resolution!

    ....still envy of your Peter Som dress!
  6. ri604,

    oh you dropped 3 posts already.

    i am excited you will post pictures tomorrow for this new thread! a good way to start a new year - a smashing outfit from you, my partner.

    yes, the white Fendi boston was last season. i totally forgot about it. today i was searching for a white bag, and found it on the shelf still in its wrap (on the handles) and with tag. ok, i will model both bags with Peter Som's dress tomorrow. we will see.

    Have a great Weekend everyone!
  7. I am the third one to post on this new thread.
    Steffe, I love your new purchases and can not wait to see your modeling pictures.
  8. wow steffe, congrats on the new thread! Happy New Year! How have you been?

    Cute dress with the Chanel PST. I must have missed your PST reveal on the Chanel sub-forum since I haven't been on tpf as often as I'd like, but congrats on your Chanel.
  9. Julia, great thread!

    Either bags would pop the PS sweater, though personally, white looks better.

    Your black PST is very versatile so I don't think you'll have probably finding a thing to wear with it. Very pretty dress!
  10. Julia:

    are you sleeping already??/? I don't even have time to reply your email and you already have a new start just like I did.

    Yes, I think Ceci and rest of mommies in Chanel would prefer staying there so I think I should just keep our thread in Chanel forum.

    Then, I would say I am disappointed that I didn't see a single modeling pic. from this new thread........oh, you should have posted your peter som one here just for the opening!! I love that look of you!!!!

    Well, see you tomorrow then.

    BTW, I have a new blog my signature. So you are welcome to TALK as much as you can in my blog!! yes.....haha.......
  11. Congrats on your new thread Steffe, may it go from strength to strength......x
  12. Today is sunny, a bit cold 6C, , My back yard still have some snow, I brought out my loots from yesterday a Moroccan Calvin Kline -white tunic

    - camel jeans, with hand bead detailing of bird. I got inspired from Macqueen this spring * environmentalist *

    -wooden shoes ; some necklaces ,orange earrings ( all Moroccan style ), bangles

    -Bag also handmade Portuguese.

    ...and Ken did the photo shoot ! Thanks to him.[​IMG]

    Close up of Pants and accessories :
  13. Second loot was purchased recently ( 10 days ago). Since one of the Trend this spring will also GEOMETRIC prints, I picked up this one from Marciano - last season may be, but still in , yeah!

    - Gray long jersey top underneath ;
    -Black stocking.
    -Gray peep toe from Nine West 2 years ago.
    - Lilac purse ( Michael Kors) which pop up the ensemble more!

    ...ahhhh, I tried to make my hair punk -also inspiring the 80's from this Spring !

    Back view of the dress :

  14. [​IMG]In good mood, I tried one of my 6 AO Dai ( traditional Vn dress) , this one is raw silk - double faced, so people can pick either both color to make their dress
    I chose the light green faced, with abstract golden prints, it reminded me of the Chanel Patent Goat skin last Fall with the veins show up!

    Close up of the abstract vein!
  15. Remembered my Blue velvet, I decided to change Orange pant to Red, to see how many way I can update my Ao Dai with different accessories, and this time, with long pearl + red coral beads. It came out ...stunning !

    Under sunshine the metallic green on dress came out, compare to last time inside the church, just the birds stand out!

    here is my experiment! Enjoy !



    One more ! The wind made me look like surreal image !