You are the purse you carry

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  1. #1 Feb 1, 2010
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    Nothing sends this message home more than walking into a Saks or Neiman Marcus wearing my black caviar Chanel flap bag and having the sales people practically dive in front of me asking if I need assistance. I'm 30 but have a youngish face and so I find that most SAs in stores won't readily approach me, even if I'm dressed nicely, but whenever I carry that purse I practically have to fend them off.

    What bag(s) do you carry, or what is something that you wear, that has that effect? :smile:
  2. Most of the time one of my Pradas, as the logo is more noticable and the brand more recognized. Most bags I own are more low key here in the Netherlands (McQueen, Mulberry, Marc Jacobs).
  3. One time I had a Target plastic bag with me when I entered Saks. The SA's thought I was a shoplifter. It's all so shallow, really.
  4. I'm usually with a Chanel bag, and high-end salespeople never dive at me. My area (OC) is saturated with girls and luxury bags, so it's not a big deal to carry an expensive bag.
  5. which is why I think I'm going for an incognito brand, like my basic JCrew satchel. Don't get me wrong I love well made handbags, costly ones, but when you see every girl and their grandmothers and babysitters have the same costly bags as you, you begin to wonder if yours is really 'unique'. :wacko:

    Especially in your quote "My area (OC) is saturated with girls and luxury bags, so it's not a big deal to carry an expensive bag" - it really makes me wonder and a bit disappointed....It's almost only fun when it's a big deal, you know? The novelty of feeling luxurious and "rich" disappears...especially when you know A LOT of women just charge their credit cards for expensive bags. :thinking:
  6. haha!
  7. Same here except I live in the LA area and a lot of the Asian ladies here carry high end bags especially LV and Gucci. I know how the OC is like, many people over there carry high end bags too especially at SCP.
  8. Where I live, in Norway, we don't have any of those mega-stores, but we do have some smaller shops that carry high end items.... And i'm both glad as well as sorry to say they don't "throw themselves at you" to assist no matter what you wear. Some are nice and inquire if you need assistance, others just leave you alone... I'm thinking is either beccause noone here works on a commission, or that some would help you up if you slipped on the street and some would just walk on by - i.e. it doesnt come down to the customer as much as to the SA themself... You meat great ones and you meet lousy ones, even at the high end places.
  9. Idk.. I don't buy bags because they're unique. I'm a victim of good marketing :biggrin:
  10. Yep. LV and Gucci are "normal" bags in my area. Extremely common to see when you're out and about, whether you're on campus or at SCP.
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    Please refrain from this type of marketing as it is against forum rules.
  12. It is deliberate self promotion... I have reported.

  13. Absolutely. Shallow and nonsensical, because even rich people can be kleptomaniacs.

  14. Ditto. Shame if this great place went to pieces because of S P A M !
  15. I don't find that carrying expensive bags leads to better service. Having an assertive approach is far more effective. I'm quite clear about what I want in shops, regardless of the bag I am carrying or the clothes I am wearing. What I HAVE found re carrying expensive bags in stores is that sales assistants are curious/admiring. A couple of years ago I was shopping in Marks and Spencers' in the UK. I placed my black Paddington bag on the counter and two sales assistants were immediately all over it, wanting to touch it, etc. Carrying expensive bags makes me feel more confident, I'll agree. But I would have no problem strolling into an expensive store with the Lucky Brand hobo I've been wearing this weekend.