You are reading about H bags when you should be...

  1. Okay, you are reading the H-bag thread...

    What are you supposed to be doing?
    And what is your current fixation?

    Supposed to be...grading student papers (grade one paper, refresh thread, grade one paper, refresh thread)...conducting interviews for new profs in a short while...

    Current fixation...35 cognac/gold birkin, 35 black birkin w/ PH (so I already have one with GH...PH would be different, and the leather would be different), 25 or 30 birkin in black or lizard...packing for (oh yes, and touring, eating, drinking) in Europe...

    I am so ready for fall break! :yes: :yahoo: :yes: (Can't say this in class, must maintain academic motivation and dignity for sake of the students...)
  2. Supposed to be studying my Driver's Handbook for my permit test on Wednesday.. I'm almost 18 but was always too busy to take the test... Now I won't need to drive for the next 4 years... Figures..

    I really want a Hermes wallet, watch, or belt. Hahah... I know its broad but I just got my first piece, black GM ulysee
  3. Supposed to be: prepping dinner and cleaning up after my kids!

    I'd love a Bolide 31 in clemence!
  4. Supposed to be preparing an oral argument for a motion this wednesday.

    Current fixation: There are so many!!!!! Right now, 30cm Gold Togo Birkin or Kelly (32cm); 28 cm Black Box Sellier Kelly with GH; 28 Rouge H Box Sellier Kelly with white contrast stitching (thanks to Mrssparkles); and blue jean togo anything! I am a sick girl, and need to get back to work (but this is WAY more fun!)
  5. Supposed to be cleaning my house and looking for a new job

    Current fixation: 32cm Plume in box (which will have to wait until I find a new job)
  6. LOL...Now I don't feel so deprived...oops...back to another paper...dreaming of birkins...or an azap wallet...or...
  7. Supposed to be: doing laundry and stuyding my Italian for class tonight;
    Fixation: Bracelets/scarves/a black kelly on it's way and waiting for other bags to sell to get my raisin birkin on hold! not patient lol!
  8. Suppose to prepare dinner for 3 kiddos...go take daughter to gymnastics....supervise kids homeworks....and on, and on, and on.....:nuts:

    WISH LIST: 30cm Birkin (waiting to go to PARIS):heart:
  9. supposed to be revising an opinion (blech);

    currently obsessed with JPG birkins and trying to figure out whether it's just a phase or something i should add to the collection . . . .
  10. Great thread SoCal. Supposed to be getting out of my gym clothes to shower--just came back from the gym, but jumped on the computer...should also be cleaning/re-orging my closet and my office; both of which are a bit disastrous looking.

    Currently fixated with Rouge Garance, JPGs, Gold Togo 35cm, picking out my next scarf, and enamel bracelets.
  11. Supposed to be: supervising homework, getting kids ready for piano lessons, putting photographs from the past two months in albums

    Currently fixated with: Kelly, Kelly, Kelly....
  12. Wow! We are a bunch of multi-taskers lol!
  13. Thank you! Six papers to and tapas...
  14. Supposed to clean house, get ready to go grocery shopping.
    Current fixation: 35 cm Birkin
  15. Supposed to be working on our monthly law firm accounting!!!

    Today, I am fixated on a Black Togo 35cm Birkin w/PH or even GH! Last week it was Potiron. Next week it'll probably be Cognac - lol!