You are not Hallucinating!

  1. I finally figured out how to post pics!!! Uh you will see my new Anthraday and Black City popping up in various places. For now here is a tease:
    IMG_0342.jpg IMG_0421.jpg
  2. Congrats! That Day is completely and totally fabulous. And a black City, well.... :love: Wonderful choices!!!!
  3. thank you! I think I am about to have b-bag issues too! This could really get out of control...
  4. Thank you for posting photos of your lovely bags - I love them both!!!!
  5. lovely - OMG! I just saw your bag closet - i'm having heart palpitations and someone needs to wipe the :drool::drool::drool: off. I would take that display over any bookshelf or artpiece any day!!! wow!
  6. Oh I love Antra :drool:
  7. They're gorgeous! I love your antraday with GGH. It's so vibrant!
  8. Gorgeous!! Both of them. Congratulations on getting 2 great bags with yummy leather on both.
  9. congrats! They are both gorgeous...lucky girl!
  10. The leather on your City looks fabulously smooshy! Thanks for posting!
  11. Your anthra looks absolutely breath taking. The anthra GH combo is hot! Black city has smooshy leather, one of my faves most definitely.
  12. Love your bbags...really classy combo!
  13. Love them both! Congrats!
  14. Love the both! I just purchased a black city myself this week. It's such a great bag and it just goes with everything!
  15. They are both beautiful! Congrats.