You are NOT going to believe this!!!

  1. My husband comes home with a slight fever - feeling yucky. He tells me to get out of the house with our son so he can lay down and take a nap. Tells me to go buy a Coach purse (he was feeling guilty for buying a few hundred dollars worth of fishing crap today). I waste no time - jump into the car - drive to Aventura - I tried everything that I was interested in (the Ergo tote, and the Ali) and neither one was good for me. The Ergo kept slipping off my shoulder, and the Ali (in whisky or natural) was too scratchy and easily marked -and that scares me. So I left with only a black leather legacy french purse to go with my shoulder bag. I told hubby that I am still going to get a purse when one comes out that I like and that it CAN'T count as a future gift!! I hope something comes out soon. The problem is that I hate having a purse that covers the same function or look of another purse that I have.

    This is what I have:

    Carly Large Signature (Kahki Saddle)
    Signature Large Soho Flap (Kahki/Mohogany)
    Suede Large Soho Hobo (Tan)
    Medium Hamptons Patchwork Tote (2006)
    Leather Legacy Shoulder Bag (black)
    Soho Swing Pack (brown)
    Legacy French Purse (black)
    Soho Signature mini skinny (kahki Chestnut)
    Several colorful ponytail scarves (thats where I get my color - I like neutral purses most of the time)

    I hope something comes along soon that i can't live without - I need an object of my lust!!!
  2. What about the smaller legacy flap bag? Would be nice for nights out or when you don't need a huge bag.. maybe in black? :yes:
  3. First of all congrats on your hubby feeling icky, lol! How about a little splash of color like the sig. multistripe or a watercolor in a style that suits you?
  4. I can't do color - whiskey is a major color to me!!! The small flap is too small for me - even for evenings out - I especially like a bag to pass the elbow test - where you can hold the strap in your hand - get your arm through the bag by getting your elbow over the middle of the purse and over your shoulder without the use of your other hand. Passing this test also ensures the purse will not look like a large wallet jammed up into my armpit.
  5. LOL, your hubby was feverish but still managed to buy a few hundred dollars worth of fishing gear before coming home?!

    What about something from the Hampton's line? Very sharp and classic.
  6. I like the Watercolor lines.
    They may be a bit youngish though.
  7. I like all the colorful purses - just not on me. I have a spring patchwork and I love it -I just don't feel fab when I carry it - I bought it when my daughter was little and ended up using it as a diaper bag - so needless to say it feels less than glamerous to carry it now -even though it's in great shape. I really love love the whisky ali - but I just ran my fingernail lightly over it and it scrached with the lightest pressure. I'm sure I would sweat every scratch and that would bother me. Maybe if I bought it at a PCE I would feel better about the scratches. I think I just need to wait for them to come out with something new that I can't live without rather than buying a purse cause I have the money. It's a bummer feeling though to have my choice of any purse and I can't find one to take home.
  8. not trying to have you stray but if you can get a handbag, does it have to be coach? branching out for a moment is always fun ;)
  9. Why don't you wait until the new floor set comes out.
    Hopefully you will see something you like in the new line.
    I know how you feel as I am not really liking anything besides my Ergo Vintage tote right now. I have three other Ergo Bags with tags which I might exchange. For sure I am purchasing the Ergo Red Patent Hobo on May 7th.
  10. I know EXACTLY what you're talking about. That's how the Ergo felt on me. I actually got it and exchanged it for the Signature Flap. Now I look for things with the same drop that the flap has. And I didn't know it was called the "Elbow Test", lol.
  11. What about something in the new signature canvas colors that are coming out??

    (Navy, chocolate, & jade - I believe?)
  12. When is the new floor set coming out????
  13. I think that some colors would brighten up your purse wardrobe.

    If a bright color scares you a bit - how about a white for summer? Or a metallic? I consider both of those options to be nice neutrals and great for spring and summer.
  14. I went to the department store today (Dillards) (didn't feel like going back into the Coach store after being there sooo long yesterday). I thought I was going to get a white Ergo Hobo - but then I saw they had a Whiskey Shoulder Bag - so I bought it!! To hell with scratches - I am just going to have to deal - cause the color is gorgeous. oh - and for all those people looking for punch stripe stuff - Macy's is loaded with it!! Reversible totes, wristlets and mini skinnies - all in punch!!! Thanks for all your efforts to help me get color into my collection - to me whiskey is a color! I didn't really want two shoulder bags - but the Ali seemed big and after I got my Large Carly I've got big bags covered.
  15. \
    I have the Whiskey Top Zip and they really don't look like scratches, hard to explain, just makes the bag richer in my opinion. I love it!!!