You are GOLD! Share your love for the color GOLD!

  1. I LOVE GOLD!!!

    This is perhaps the best color I have ever come across with. Not only is it gorgeous, it is also very versatile and timeless!

    ... And my favorite: Gold with gold hardware!



    Share your love for GOLD! :yahoo:
  2. Yoohoo! I love GOLD!!!!!! Isn't that vierd????

    Seriously, I can't wait until my little Goldie is in my mitts.
  3. La Vanguardia, this color combinations has been stalking me for weeks. I'm still thinking about the leather I should get, no vache ligee or epsom though.
  4. I agree LaVan!!! Gold is incredible!!!! I absolutely LOVE my gold Kelly!!!! And I cannot get over how it just pops against every outfit, and is so versatile! It literally makes me smile every time I look at her!
  5. Jag, every time I see your gold Kelly, it makes me smile, too! Gorgeous!

    Count me among the gold lovers.


    Gold togo with palladium h/w. :love:
  6. Totally agreed, love gold. I prefer the gold hw too, it just glows.
  7. Gold Birkin enjoying an outside trip :smile:
  8. Can never have too much gold or Hermes gold!

    gold and gold hermes 2 small15%.JPG
  9. I love gold!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I thought my first birkin would be gold, BUT, it won't :sad:
    It will be my second !!!! (hopefully in ostrich)
    anyone have a gold in ostrich?? please post pics!!
    Excellent thread
  10. What will your first be?
  11. GOLD!!!! This is my Spring/Summer bag (along with my little combo Kelly)....I swear it goes with everything!!!!!
  12. I adore gold too La Van.
    I'm waiting on my gold/gold combo.
    Just afraid I'll ignore all my other H bags.
  13. It will be here next Thursday , until then :sneaky:

  14. i'm getting my new gold/ black belt tomorrow. can't wait!
  15. not even the tiniest little hint?:graucho: