You are all very wicked

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  1. I have just phoned the York outlet and bought a brick red antony :Push:. This is not my fault, clearly the forum is to blame. 2 Mulberries in one week, jeebus I'm going to have to be VERY nice to Mr Pheebs or just let him buy the new laptop that he wants ;)

    The SA has chosen the best one in the store, she says it has a tiny mark in the leather above the lock but otherwise is perfect.
    It was £136 and I'm eating beans for the rest of the month :roflmfao:
  2. ^^^^ Congrats and post pics!!!! Just be nice to Mr Pheebs, that's all they think about anyway!!! MORE BAGS!!!!
  3. Pheebs.... beans are very good for you!

    Post modeling pics when she arrives.
  4. Wow- congratulations. You are right though- this place is dangerous for the bank balance!!! enjoy your beans!
  5. Hi, congratulations on the antony. Funnily enough I did a ring around earlier too - what colour is it? The bordeaux sounded interesting to me, did you get this one?:graucho:
    Definitely need photos asap!!
    And you're right it's a very dangerous place to be......:supacool:
  6. I'm not sure what the official name for the colour is, the SA said it was a brick red...not as bright as the mabel certainly.
    It might even be here tomorrow, I'll definately post some pics when she arrives (says the woman who hasn't posted Roxy pics yet)
  7. oh yes pheebs- want to see some piccies please!!!
  8. Naughty naughty forum. There must be something in the air :lol:

    Congrats on the purchase pheebs! The colour sounds really interesting. Looking forward to seeeing it :tup:
  9. OOOOh brick red sounds lovely! never seen that colour before, would love to see some pics when you get it, if you can?

    The price is also very tempting!
  10. Congrats, pheebs! This place is a bad influence, isn't it?! :angel::lol:

    I tried on a bordeaux Antony at Bicester today - the colour was divine. I wonder if that's the same as brick red?
  11. I've seen brick red Alana purses, it's a gorgeous colour. It's like a dark, rich red toned terracotta. Bordeaux is more of a plum red and is also very smart :smile:

    Congrats Pheebs - I bet the Antony looks amazing!