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  1. Ladies of the Chanel forum... as some of you may know, I am saving for a Kelly or Birkin. I shared some action pics with you all the other day of my black caviar classic flap w/ G/H and my mom's GST, also black caviar G/H. The only new Chanel I was remotely considering to get WAS a reissue in black with S/H.

    Seeing all your pics and reveals has kickstarted my love for Chanel bags again. Now, I think I also need a GST with S/H, a light beige classic flap S/H, and another classic style that isn't available anymore... it's like the GST but way smaller and the straps do not have leather handle... it's all woven chain and leather... (Kirsten Dunst has been seen with it).

    Anyway... do you all find that being a member of TPF increases your desire for more bags? -Bags you probably could have done without?
  2. I agree with you!!

  3. I've only been on a little over a week and seeing all the picts and talk definitly increases my desire for more. :nuts:
  4. What gets me in most trouble is seeing the purses IRL.

    Being at the stores and seeing the latest that's in stock makes me "have to have them" :/
  5. ....and yes, the purse forum does this too :smile:

    Although it is so fun to be here!
  6. Hello:nuts:I have no idea what you are talking about!!!!!!!!!:lol:
  7. hahahahahha
  8. LVlux... shame on you... you know exactly what I'm talking about! :police: ha ha
  9. TPF fuels my obsession!
  10. I agree.. it is an obsession... I hate to admit it... but I am on here all day long... maybe not all day long, but I'm on here very often scoping out the latest reveals and posts... I don't know what's happening to me!
  11. Nah, I love Chanel, but I still show some restraint. Sure, it would be nice to indulge myself on bag after bag, but I'm okay with only buying one or two bags per year. Besides, what's the fun in having everything you want :smile:
  12. Maybe the cure would be to start a Purseaholics Anonymous group.
    Like AA.

    "I, Grateful, am a purseaholic".....
  13. You're right. Then they are special.
    And it's the quest. Or the conquest.

    If I could have all I wanted, anytime, it would be boring, and ordinary.
  14. "Hi, Grateful"....
  15. Well I'm happy to see that there are grounded people on here. It makes me feel better... because truthfully, I know you are right. If I had tons of money... which I don't, I would be off buying tons of bags... The only reason why I "restrain" myself is cause I'm not loaded! :winkiss: