You are all luring me in, so can I ask you?

  1. Hi everyone - I have been lurking over here, and am now seriously considering a paddington. I have you all to thank! :roflmfao: My question(s) are this: Do you find these bags really heavy? (I own Balenicaga) And, as I have never seen a paddington in real life - how does that lock thing work? (sorry for stupid question) Do you have to unlock it everytime you get into the bag, or does it just kind of fold over to help keep it closed while still being open? Thanks for your time everyone and can't wait to hear from you! :flowers:
  2. You don't really have to unlock the bag. You can just move the lock up and down to get into the bag. I don't think paddys are heavy, but they are quite different than bbags. There is a very noticeable difference for most people. I carry a lot of stuff so I never see a difference between any of my bags.
  3. I have a Balenciaga City and a Chloe Paddy- and they are 2 totally different but wonderful bags. The b-bag is substantially lighter, but is fundamentally different style wise. I find the Paddy to be very easy to carry over the shoulder (not too heavy at all), and just has an entirely different look. The leather on the Chloe is much thicker and so squishy- you can't help but fall in love. I simply fling the padlock over when I want to get into the bag, and they have a cell phone pocket which is so convenient.
  4. ahhhh, you have seen the light, and it is flashing CHLOE ;)
  5. I own a bbag (city) and a paddy. The paddy is slightly heavier but not significantly heavier to me. I, like Jag find it very easy to carry over the shoulder. I love the side pockets.. i get easy access to my necessary items without even opening the bag. I just flip the lock over to get into the purse. The hardware is what does it for me. I'm totally in love w/ chloe.
  6. I am now (YAY!) a proud owner of bbag classique and I can tell you it is much lighter than my paddingtons (both seasons). They are totally different kinds of bag.

    I love the lightness of the bbag. It's almost like I'm not even wearing it. However, Chloe's leather wins my heart. It just feels and looks decadent. I prefer the chloe leather to bbag...

    Paddingtons are 3.2lbs empty (I weighed it the other day). So if you don't carry too much it shouldn't be that bad! I personally can only carry it for a max of 3 hours before it gets cumbersome.
  7. Like everyone who's posted, I have a Bbag (twiggy) and a paddington. The paddington is a heavy bag compared to the twiggy. As for the lock, you don't have to lock it everytime, you just leave it hanging on and use the zippers to close the bag. I love both bags equally ... I love each style, just depends on what I'm wearing.
  8. I agree with what's been said: they really are completely different bags. I have both styles and use each almost as frequently as the other. I suppose if I had to break down usage with any criteria, I'd say I tend to use my paddys more for dressy casual, and the bbags for more casual casual, if that makes any sense.

    An empty paddington is noticeably heavier than most empty balenciagas (because most weigh close to nothing), but I'm used to carrying heavy-ish bags, so the difference in weight matters little to me in the end. So it's really just a matter of what you prefer/are used to carrying.
  9. right now i'm a proud owner of some b-bags :P
    but i'm also allured to buy a paddy :smile:
    i also fell in love with the thick pebbled leather
  10. seahorseinstripes, if you end up buying a paddington bag see if you can touch it before you buy it. Some of the new '06 models are very stiff and not smooshy at all. Some are very smooshy, pebbled and scrumptious. If you have a chance to buy an '05 paddington I'd snag it! Nothing compares to '05 leather.
  11. except my Tan!!! mine is an 05 leather, it must be an exception to the rule as she is as stiff as a board :biggrin:
  12. i never get around to using the zippers...
    and i often don't even flip the lock over the close the bag when i'm carrying it - just carry the bag back-to-front, leave the lock hanging backwards, the bag being held shut only by its handles on my shoulder..

    but the lock flips back and forth over the bag, and you don't have to use the zippers or the actual lock at all if you don't want to..

    and sometimes you can even choose to leave the lock off and at home =) it's not as pretty, but still ok

    but yes, it still will be heavy... it's a heavy bag =)
    but there're so many times you go out without having to carry your bag the whole time, ie you'll do lots of sitting down, so there'll be lots of occasions to bring it out!
  13. ITA.
    I was in Saks the other day and they had two 06 bags that were soooo stiff and HARD compared to my bags (both 05)

    I imagine that after you beat them in, they'd be fine, but there really was no comparison.
    The earlier leather is LUSCIOUS.
  14. thanks lordguinny, sratsey :P
    i am thinking of getting the old leathers too, does the code inside the paddy bag is a DATE code or just some code?
    how do i know which year a certain bag from?
  15. Thanks for all your wonderful advice! Really am sold except for the weight - and I may love it so much that I don't even notice how heavy it is, but have had some serious shoulder problems so I am a little scared about the weight thing.....
    Want to help me with the color? Whiskey or the new Muscade?:girlsigh:
    Thanks again everyone :flowers: