You and your TORY BURCH in action (shoes, bags, clothes, accessories!)

  1. Here I am in Miami with my beloved Reva clutch. I love this bag.
  2. image-2457640670.jpg

    Love my Tory!!!
  3. You look so stunning!!:smile: What do you think of the quality of this clutch?
  4. Hi there, thank you!!! I absolutely love the quality of the Reva clutch. At first, I thought it would be heavy with the hardware and the huge logo but it's not heavy to me. It's very versatile because of the chain it can be worn as a shoulder strap and also removed and used as an oversize clutch. I hope that helps:smile:
  5. Thank you so much for your quick reply. This bag has been added to my bag bucket list now! hehehe :smile: I got worried as I have been reading lots of posts about the poor quality.... so it is great to know you love it!

  6. You're welcome!! I hope you love it as I do.
  7. Simple yet elegant. Love these sandals.
  8. mjdaisy love your tote! does it have any compartments? or is it just one large space? ps looks great on you!
  9. Cute, cute, CUTE!!!
  10. thanks mrssann! it's kind of just one big compartment but it does have a zipper so you can zip the bag up! it also has a small little pocket in there you could put lip gloss or keys in :smile:
  11. Wearing one of my favorite pairs of Revas at the office today

  12. Just bought these Chelsea flats from the Boutique on Saturday. It's love!

  13. Hi there!
    Love your outfit :smile:

  14. Sooooo cute!